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Breast Cancer Unbound

Bodies, Biographies, & Beliefs

Edited by Kimberly R. Myers

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Edited by Łukasz Skoczylas and Elżbieta Smolarkiewicz

The aim of this book is to highlight the issue of internal migrations and emphasise the need to conduct research on their course and consequences, including those stemming from historical processes. The complexity of this topic is illustrated by the fact that the chapters contained in the book have been written by representatives of different disciplines: sociology, psychology, geography and economics, which may suggest the need for interdisciplinary research to be conducted in the future.

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New Approaches to Spatial Planning and Design

Planning, Design, Applications

Edited by Murat Özyavuz

One of the main objectives of planning and design is the reflection of the works to the space. Therefore, the starting point of this book is to reveal the research conducted by different professions in the field of spatial planning and design. For this purpose, original researches on direct application and land were included. Planning and design studies need co-operation between professions in order to fulfill this philosophy. These activities are effective means of fulfilling the philosophy of sustainability. Planning and design is a tool to tell the story of a community, and how it’s past, present and future work together for a sustainable tomorrow. The design process in which the most appropriate spatial compositions are revealed by shaping the areas in the direction of planning decisions, develops in the continuation of the planning process. This book is for landscape architects and other planning and design professions. Theoretical foundations, theories, methods, and applications will be essential parts of this reference book. In addition, this book addresses several very different subjects of study; landscape management, biodiversity, landscape restoration, landscape design, urban design, urban planning and architectural design related to theory, practice and the results will be covered.

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La Escuela traductológica de Leipzig

Continuación y recepción

Gerd Wotjak, José Juan Batista and Carsten Sinner

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Edited by Marina Calleja Reina and Encarnación Postigo Pinazo

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Milica Grujičić

The book examines lingo-stylistic and narratological characteristics of Montenegrin short stories in the crucial period of 19th and early 20th century language reform. The seldom analysed works of fourteen authors from this period are approached from the orthographical, phonological, morphological, syntaxic, lexical and phraseological angles in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the interplay between the alternating linguistic standards. The principal intent is not only to accentuate the so-far neglected contribution of Montenegrin writers to South-Slavic linguistic heritage in general, but also to facilitate the understanding of the interaction between the folk dialectical base and the emerging linguistic and literary tendencies of the age.

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Ekaterina Evgrashkina

Поэзия – это творческое исследование семиотических возможностей языка и поле функционирования сложных нетривиальных смыслов. В основе смыслопорождения в герметичном поэтическом дискурсе лежат процессы подвижного семиозиса, в котором отношения стабильности между означающим и означаемым поставлены под вопрос, а сила тяжести перемещена на интерпретанту, и смысловой энтропии как интенсивного приращения смысла с невозможностью сформулировать его конечное состояние. В книге на материале текстов на немецком и русском языках рассматриваются разнообразные проявления поэтического герметизма в актуальной поэзии, а также семантико-синтаксические механизмы и прагматический потенциал смысловой неопределенности – от неуловимого намека и неразрешимой двусмысленности до нонсенса и тайнописи.

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Das Jahr des Schwertes

Edited by Dorothea Weltecke

Im Rahmen des 100-jährigen Gedenkens an den Völkermord an den Aramäern veranstaltete die Forschungsstelle für Aramäische Studien vom 29.-30. Mai 2015 die Tagung „Der Genozid an der aramäischen Gemeinschaft (ost- und westsyrische Christen) im Osmanischen Reich sowie im osmanisch besetzten Iran (1914-1918)" an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Dieser Sammelband beinhaltet Beiträge der Teilnehmer der Tagung und thematisiert verschiedene Felder der Erforschung des Genozids. Sie beleuchten den Völkermord an den syrischen Christen im Osmanischen Reich, die Rolle deutscher Missionen beim Völkermord, sowie Erinnerungsdiskurse der Nachfahren in der Diaspora heute. Der Band erschließt somit verschiedene Felder für die Erforschung des Genozids.

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Edited by Eamon Maher and Eugene O'Brien

This collection of essays explores the concept of patrimoine, a French word used to denote cultural heritage, traditional customs and practices – the Gaelic equivalent is dúchas – and the extent to which it impacts on France and Ireland. Borrowing from disciplines as varied as sociology, cultural theory, literature, marketing, theology, history, musicology and business, the contributors to the volume unearth interesting manifestations of how patrimoine resonates across cultural divides and bestows uniqueness and specificity on countries and societies, sometimes in a subliminal manner.

Issues covered include debt as heritage, Guinness as a cultural icon of «Irishness», faith-based tourism, the Huguenot heritage in Ireland, Irish musical inheritances since Independence, Skellig Michael and the commodification of Irish culture.

With a Foreword by His Excellency M. Stéphane Crouzat, French Ambassador to Ireland, this collection breaks new ground in assessing the close links between France and Ireland, links that will become all the more important in light of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.

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Edited by Hülya Yaldir and Mirza Iqbal Ashraf

The magnetism of modernity has remained human being’s passion since his earliest days. A born thinker, philosopher, scientist, and discoverer, he has cognized to define his identity by shaping it according to his contemporary period. Liberating himself from the deterministic modes of his existence and viewing to be no more at the mercy of biological and natural forces, he endeavors to weave the tapestry of his life with his own hands. This book epistemically reveals the mind of contemporary time, tools of cutting-edge technology, and ideas of socio-philosophy by the thinkers of modern age, who have revealed their experiences of diverse aspects of human being’s existence and his identity in today’s age of artificial intelligence.