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Redeemed at Countless Cost

The Recovery of Iconographic Theology and Religious Experience from 1850 to 2000

Stewart A. Dippel

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Zakali Shohe

This book investigates the «acceptance motif» by reading Romans 15:7–13 as directed to a specific situation. Having situated Romans 15:7–13 within its historical setting, the study also locates Romans 15:7–13 within the argument of the entire epistle. The author then examines the syntax and the semantics of Romans 15:7–9a and interprets it within the Christological setting, in an attempt to establish the acceptance motif. The book also shows that Paul further appeals to the Jewish Scriptures in 15:9b–12 and demonstrates that the Scripture bears witness to the relationship between the Jews and the Gentiles. Such modus operandi allows a picture of Paul’s concept of acceptance in its distinctiveness.

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City of Christian Love

The History and Importance of Nazareth


Raouf Abujaber

City of Christian Love provides a detailed history of Nazareth from the dawn of the Christian Era until today with special focus on the religious communities found in this sacred city, including both the periods of tension and the periods of profound interreligious partnership and solidarity.

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Demokratie in der Krise – Die politische Philosophie des Existentialismus heute

Sartre, Camus, Beauvoir im Zwiegespräch mit Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Schmitt, Arendt, Foucault und Butler


Alfred Betschart

Unsere Demokratien stehen vor großen politischen Herausforderungen, nicht zuletzt durch populistische Bewegungen und die Rückkehr nationalistischer Trugbilder. Die Autoren des Bandes befragen das kritische philosophische, emanzipatorische Denken der  Existentialisten Sartre, Camus und Beauvoir nicht nur in ihrem Zwiegespräch miteinander, sondern auch mit Vorläufern, Wegbereitern, Nachfolgern wie Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Arendt, Foucault und Butler und Gegnern wie Schmitt.

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Theologie und Praxis des Petrusamtes bei Joseph Ratzinger/Benedikt XVI.

Zum Primat des Bischofs von Rom im Denken und Handeln des Theologen auf dem Papstthron


Rafał Biniek

Joseph Ratzinger/Benedikt XVI. hat als Theologe in zahlreichen Veröffentlichungen zur katholischen Lehre des Petrusamtes sehr viel beigetragen und war als Papst Inhaber des Primats. Er ist auch der erste Petrusnachfolger in der Neuzeit, der zurücktrat. Die Studie zeigt, wie Ratzinger das Petrusamt versteht und als Benedikt XVI. ausübte. Das Ergebnis der Untersuchung zeichnet ein ganzheitliches Bild der Theologie und Praxis des Petrusdienstes anhand des Werkes des großen Theologen auf dem Papstthron. Das Buch trägt dazu bei, seine Auffassung des Primats besser kennenzulernen und gibt neue Impulse für die weitere theologische und ökumenische Diskussion zu diesem Thema.

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Women’s Emancipation in Africa – Reality or Illusion?

A Case Study of Mbarara, Western Uganda


Paul Mutume

Women’s emancipation in Uganda is one of the most successful ventures an African country has ever undertaken. The reality of its success, however, remains a challenge in a society with a long-held structure of patriarchy and institutional, cultural beliefs.

After a critical analysis, the study challenges policy makers to ensure an environment free from all forms of violence and oppression against women – be it physical, economic, social, religious or psychological – and to empower them through education, ensure their financial independence and enhance their psychophysical stability. The study gives credit to women of all ages and indeed all walks of life who have effectively turned their sufferings into joy. It critically analyses the institutional mechanisms and concludes suggesting concrete measures and strategies towards gender mainstreaming.

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The Gospel of Matthew

A Hypertextual Commentary


Bartosz Adamczewski

This monograph presents an entirely new solution to the synoptic problem. It demonstrates that the Acts of the Apostles functioned as the structure-giving hypotext for the Gospel of Matthew. Accordingly, the Gospel of Matthew is a reworking of not only the Gospel of Luke, but also, in a strictly sequential way, of the Acts of the Apostles. This strictly sequential, hypertextual dependence on Acts explains the Matthean relocations of the Marcan and Lucan material, numerous Matthean modifications thereof, and many surprising features of the Matthean Gospel. Critical explanations of such features, which are offered in this monograph, ensure the reliability of the new solution to the synoptic problem.

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Evangelia Sembou

This edited collection of essays aims to acquaint the reader with different aspects and readings of Hegel’s Early Theological Writings. These writings consist of five essays plus some unfinished manuscripts, unpublished by Hegel himself during his lifetime and compiled by Herman Nohl as Hegels Theologische Jugendschriften in 1907. This is the first such edited collection on these writings and will make an important contribution to Hegel scholarship.

The volume begins with an introduction on the intellectual background and an account of the Early Theological Writings. This is followed by a number of essays by both emerging and established scholars working in an international context. The essays offer a critical and/or interpretative approach to the aforesaid writings.

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Harmony and Exchange

Toward a Legoic Society


Nick Mehrdad Loghmani and Ramin Jahanbegloo

This book examines two main concepts—harmony and exchange—in relation to the social, political, economic, and cultural dimensions of human life. As such, what differentiates humans from other living species are the possibility of understanding a context and the willingness to collaborate and create complex models of exchange. Specifically, emotion and intellect are established as fundamental dimensions of our being which play key roles in exchange with others and dealing with our environment.

This text provides a new perspective that examines "being and becoming" in a multidimensional exchange framework, concentrating on the analysis of a utilitarian society which reduces human beings to operators and servants of techno-scientific machinery. This approach to validity demands conformity to social and political norms which have lost touch with the intellectual and emotional expressions of the citizens of the world, resulting in an environment of alienation, violence, and subordination of humans to meaningless institutions and positivistic ideologies. The quest for true harmony and collaborative exchange in contemporary societies requires the recognition of multiple sites of subjectivity, self-certainty, and global domination of techno-scientific rationality. This book’s primary application towards a Legoic society is built on a critical pedagogy committed to dialogue and exchange, and is an environment that is accompanied by the process of development of a critical consciousness based on new systems of agency, moving toward a fundamentally non-reductionist praxis of the socio-political dimension of living together.

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Hannah Arendt and Friedrich Schiller on Kant’s Aesthetics

The Public Character of the Beautiful

Mihály Szilágyi-Gál

This book analyzes how the public character of judgments of taste makes implicit statements in moral and political philosophy. The framework that relates aesthetic, moral, and political aspects into such a triadic relationship is an implicit conception of freedom. In «The Critique of Judgment» Kant elaborates the idea that judgments of taste can only exist where society exists. The author regards Friedrich Schiller’s and Hannah Arendt’s approaches on the normative resources of Kant’s aesthetics for moral and political thought. He evaluates the discovery of the presence of a constant feature of Kant’s conception of freedom in both his aesthetic and moral theory: freedom as autonomy.