A decision-oriented approach to performance measurement

Providing an insight into the DEA efficiency of banking institutions

by Minh Hanh Le (Author)
©2016 Thesis 189 Pages


Within the performance measurement theme, this book contributes a new decision-oriented perspective to evaluate the efficiency of organizations. This perspective defines an efficient organization as the one which attains the rationality in the operating process to generate its desired values. From this angle, the book identifies the pitfalls regarding the input-output specification in bank efficiency assessments using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) models. It introduces the Decision-oriented Performance Measurement framework grounded in management rationality concepts as a solution to avoid these pitfalls. For empirical evidence, the book presents a goal-oriented DEA efficiency analysis of German savings bank sector.

Table Of Contents

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  • Title
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  • About the book
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  • Table of content
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  • Abstract
  • Zusammenfassung
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • 1.1 Background
  • 1.2 Motivations and objectives of the research
  • 1.3 Outline of the research
  • Chapter 2: An insight into the specification of performance criteria in DEA models for measuring bank efficiency
  • Abstract
  • 2.1 Introduction
  • 2.2 Bank behavior models
  • 2.2.1 Foundation of bank behavior models
  • 2.2.2 Main bank behavior models
  • 2.3 Bank behavior models in DEA applications
  • 2.3.1 An introduction to DEA
  • 2.3.2 The employment of bank behavior models in empirical DEA studies: A brief review
  • 2.4 Pitfalls of DEA applications in measuring bank efficiency
  • 2.4.1 Pitfalls associated with DEA’s preference structure concerning inputs and outputs
  • 2.4.2 Pitfalls associated with weight imposition on inputs and outputs
  • 2.4.3 Pitfalls associated with DEA’s explanatory power
  • 2.5 Conclusion
  • Chapter 3: Development of Decision-oriented Performance Measurement framework and its application for measuring bank efficiency
  • Abstract
  • 3.1 Introduction
  • 3.2 Background discussion
  • 3.3 The Decision-oriented Performance Measurement framework
  • 3.3.1 Value setting level – Specifying the reference value system for performance measurement from the fundamental values of key stakeholders
  • 3.3.2 Goal setting level – Specifying the actual goals that organizations perform in response to stakeholder values
  • 3.3.3 Objective setting level – Deriving and structuring objectives to examine the correspondence between organizations’ actual goals and stakeholder values
  • 3.3.4 Factor setting level – Functionalizing performance objectives with production factors
  • 3.3.5 Summary and discussion
  • 3.4 An application of the DPM framework for measuring bank efficiency
  • 3.4.1 The reference value system for bank performance measurement
  • 3.4.2 Bank performance criteria regarding different behavior models
  • 3.5 Conclusion
  • Chapter 4: Deriving performance criteria for German savings banks: An application of the DPM framework to integrate decision making criteria into DEA efficiency assessment
  • Abstract
  • 4.1 Introduction
  • 4.2 The GDEA approach for measuring the value-based and functional efficiency
  • 4.2.1 GDEA models
  • 4.2.2 GDEA models vs. conventional DEA models
  • 4.3 Savings bank performance measurement
  • 4.4 Legal framework and business model of German savings banks
  • 4.5 Performance criteria for DEA-based analysis of German savings banks
  • 4.5.1 The reference value system for German savings banks
  • 4.5.2 The strategy and behavior of German savings banks in response to stakeholder values
  • 4.5.3 Performance objectives of German savings banks
  • 4.5.4 Performance factors of German savings banks
  • 4.5.5 Variables for the customized DEA measurement models of German savings banks
  • 4.6 Conclusion
  • Chapter 5: DEA efficiency of German savings banks: Evidence from a goal-oriented perspective
  • Abstract
  • 5.1 Introduction
  • 5.2 Background information about German savings banks
  • 5.2.1 Structure of the German banking system
  • 5.2.2 Market position of German savings banks
  • 5.3 Measurement model specification and data analysis
  • 5.4 Result discussion
  • 5.4.1 Efficiency of German savings bank sector under different behavior models
  • 5.4.2 Scale efficiency of German savings banks
  • 5.5 Conclusion
  • Chapter 6: Final conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix

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ISBN (Softcover)
Publication date
2015 (November)
Management Control Data Envelopment Analysis Management decision making Bank efficiency measurement
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2015. 189 pp., 18 tables, 29 graphs

Biographical notes

Minh Hanh Le (Author)

Minh Hanh Le is currently a Researcher at the Institute of Management Control and Business Accounting, TU Braunschweig, Germany. She holds a PhD from the TU Braunschweig and used to be a Lecturer at Hanoi University, Vietnam.


Title: A decision-oriented approach to performance measurement
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