Studies on the Shoah

by Asher Cohen (Volume editor) Yehoyakim Cochavi (Volume editor) Yoav Gelber (Volume editor)
Others 278 Pages
Series: Studies on the Shoah, Volume 1


The present volume is a selection of studies published previously in Hebrew in Dapim, by the Institute for Research of the Holocaust Period. They were selected, from a great number of excellent studies, because of their outstanding qualities.
The ten contributions presented here come from the fields of history, psychology, sociology and literature. Some were written by well known professors, others, by young and promising scholars. A wide range of subjects is covered, varying from anti-Jewish legislation in Romania to Jewish Resistance in Cracow, from the psychology of murderous technocrats to consciousness of high-school students in Israel and, speculatively, the memory of the Holocaust for future generations.


ISBN (Hardcover)
New York, Bern, Frankfurt/M., Paris, 1991. 278 pp., 6 tab.

Biographical notes

Asher Cohen (Volume editor) Yehoyakim Cochavi (Volume editor) Yoav Gelber (Volume editor)

The Institute for Research of the Holocaust Period is conducted under the joint auspices of the Strochlitz Institute of the University of Haifa and the Ghetto Fighters' House. It is a joint activity of the first center established in 1948 by the fighters of Warsaw and other Polish ghettos, and one of the most dynamic young Universities in Israel. The Institute has already published a great number of scholarly papers and books in Hebrew. Its last publication in English is: 'Comprehending the Holocaust', Historical and Literary Research, Peter Lang, 1988.


Title: Dapim