Design and Closure in Shakespeare's Major Plays

The Nature of Recapitulation

by Prof. William B. Bache (Author)
Others XIII, 398 Pages
Series: American University Studies , Volume 123


Shakespeare must be studied in order to be understood: explication precedes appreciation. This incisive study of Shakespeare's greatest plays concentrates on those strategies of design and closure that serve Shakespeare's intention and meaning. The examination of recapitulation, the quintessential feature of Shakespeare's art, reveals Shakespeare's dramatic thought in all its complexity. The ultimate value of this study is that it enables us to appreciate, not just the individual plays, but the shape and significance of the Shakespeare canon.


XIII, 398
ISBN (Book)
New York, Bern, Frankfurt/M., Paris, 1991. XIII, 398 pp.

Biographical notes

Prof. William B. Bache (Author)

The Author: William B. Bache, Professor of English at Purdue University, has studied at Oxford University and has taught at Penn State and the University of Maine. His Ph.D. is from Penn State. In addition to the Book «Measure for Measure as Dialectical Art,» he has published numerous reviews, articles, poems, and short stories in a variety of journals. He has been producing articles on Shakespeare since 1953.


Title: Design and Closure in Shakespeare's Major Plays