They Were Few

by Alexander Bronowski (Author)
Others IX, 218 Pages
Series: Studies on the Shoah, Volume 2


The first part of the book describes how the author himself was saved. Fleeing the ghetto in 1942 he hid in occupied Poland using forged papers. He survived agonizing wanderings and was able to rescue his little family through his determination and adaptability to changing situations with the help of a handful of non-Jews who gave him a place to hide.
In the second part the author tells of 35 non-Jews who risked their own and their families' lives to save Jews in different countries of Europe during the Shoah.


IX, 218
ISBN (Hardcover)
New York, Bern, Frankfurt/M., Paris, 1991. IX, 218 pp.

Biographical notes

Alexander Bronowski (Author)

The Author: Alexander Bronowski was born in Poland and studied law at the universities of Cracow and Vilnius. Under the German occupation he lived with his wife and daughter in ghettos, and also as a Christian using forged papers. In 1952 he emigrated to Israel, where he became active in organizations of former prisoners of the Nazis, holding, among others, the posts of Deputy Chairman of the Fédération Internationale Libre des Déportés et Internés, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Righteous Among the Gentiles, and Chairman of the Haifa sub-committee.


Title: They Were Few