The Shoah and the War

by Asher Cohen (Volume editor) Yehoyakim Cochavi (Volume editor) Yoav Gelber (Volume editor)
Others 450 Pages
Series: Studies on the Shoah, Volume 3


The destruction of nearly six million Jews during the Second World War is not only the unique tragedy of the Jewish people, but also a part of the history of the War. In this book, 25 of the leading specialists in Europe, America and Israel describe various aspects of the interrelation between the conduct of the war and the destruction of the Jews. These studies include analyses of the German army and administration, the policy of the fascist parties, the German satellite states, questions relating to rescuing Jews, and the Jewish Resistance.


ISBN (Hardcover)
New York, Bern, Frankfurt/M., Paris, 1992. 450 pp.

Biographical notes

Asher Cohen (Volume editor) Yehoyakim Cochavi (Volume editor) Yoav Gelber (Volume editor)

The Editors: Dr. Asher Cohen is a Senior Lecturer in Contemporary History at the University of Haifa, and Research Director of the Institute for Research of the Holocaust Period. He has written several works, including The Haluz Resistance in Hungary 1942-1944, (1986) and La Shoah, 1989. Dr. Yehoyakim Cochavi is a Senior Instructor at the Ghetto Fighters' House (Israel), and a specialist in German Jewry and particularly Jewish spiritual resistance in Germany, from 1933-1939. He is the author of Himush le-Kiyum ruhani (Arming for Spiritual Survival), (1988). Yoav Gelber is a Professor of Israel Studies and Head of the Strochlitz Institute of Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa. He has published several books in Hebrew, including Jewish Palestinian Volunteering in the British Army During the Second World War, Why the Palmah was Dismantled, and New Homeland - Immigration and Absorption of Central European Jews, 1933-1948. He has also written many research papers on the history of Israel and on the Holocaust.


Title: The Shoah and the War