Love's Courtly Ethic in «The Faerie Queene»

From Garden to Wilderness

by John Rooks (Author)
Others XIII, 244 Pages


This book focuses on the reassertion of the value of courtly love in The Farie Queene. To this end, it offers a radical reappraisal of the Bower of Bliss, of Florimel's career and of Amoret's relationship with Busirane. The author argues that, in order to enhance the inadequate moral and spiritual vision of medieval courtly love, Spenser unites it with the medieval and Renaissance literary tradition of the wild man which provides a vigorous alternative to the vacuities of the contemporaneous pastoral with its lymphatic lovers.


XIII, 244
ISBN (Hardcover)
New York, Bern, Frankfurt/M., Paris, 1992. XIII, 244 pp.

Biographical notes

John Rooks (Author)

John Rooks, an assistant professor at Morris College, teaches writing and literature. He was educated in England, and holds his D.Phil. from the University of York. He has published articles on Shakespeare, Spenser, and Christine de Pisan, and is currently working on a study of Elizabethan fairy mythology and editing a collection of essays with his wife, Pamela, on images of women in African literature.


Title: Love's Courtly Ethic in «The Faerie Queene»