Scotland to Slovenia

European Identities and Transcultural Communication. Proceedings of the Fourth International Scottish Studies Symposium

by Horst W. Drescher (Volume editor) Susanne Hagemann (Volume editor)
Edited Collection 277 Pages
Series: Scottish Studies International, Volume 21


The contributions to this volume focus on issues of identity and communication in Europe. A multiplicity of regions and nations are discussed with regard to their languages, literatures and cultures: Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Brittany, Scandinavia, Slovenia, Poland and even Japan. Problems of translating and interpreting receive attention in papers ranging from the cultural specificity of rules of communication and the cultural status of source texts to text structures and prosodic transfer. What emerges from the volume as a whole is a sense of Europe searching for a precarious balance between centrifugal and centripetal forces, between regionalism and nationalism on the one hand and internationalism and cosmopolitanism on the other.


ISBN (Softcover)
Frankfurt/M., Berlin, Bern, New York, Paris, Wien, 1996. 277 pp.

Biographical notes

Horst W. Drescher (Volume editor) Susanne Hagemann (Volume editor)

The Contributors: Horst W. Drescher, Susanne Hagemann, Paul H. Scott, Ian Campbell, Roderick Watson, Stewart J. Brown, Ann Matheson, Christopher Harvie, Joachim Schwend, Bernard Sellin, Erik Frykman, Nikolai Salnikow, Andrzej Sakson, Elmar Schenkel, Heinz Göhring / Chris Atanasov, Andreas F. Kelletat, Wolfang Thiele, Dieter Huber.


Title: Scotland to Slovenia