The Lion on the Freeway

A Thematic Introduction to Contemporary South African Literature in English

by Theodore F. Sheckels, Jr. (Author)
Monographs XXI, 250 Pages


The Lion on the Freeway is a thematic introduction to post-1950 South African English literature. After examining the nation's political history and four earlier landmark works, the study examines the oppressed peoples' «moods», ranging from loving to attacking; the oppressors' «attitudes», ranging from ignorance to action; and the contradictory forecasts the literature offers for South Africa. The study scrutinizes works in numerous genres by thirty-one authors (8 white; 23 non-white). Among them are J.M. Coetzee, Nadine Gordimer, Dennis Brutus, Bessie Head, Mazisi Kunene, Oswald Mtshali, and Mongane Wally Serote.


XXI, 250
ISBN (Softcover)
New York, Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt/M., Paris, Wien, 1996. XXI, 250 pp.

Biographical notes

Theodore F. Sheckels, Jr. (Author)

The Author: Theodore F. Sheckels, Jr. is Professor of English at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. He holds a Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University. The author of Debating: Applied Rhetorical Theory, he has published widely in journals in the fields of rhetoric, speech communication, and English Canadian literature.


Title: The Lion on the Freeway