The Literary Expressions of Chinese Experience

by Mao Nie (Author)
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The book consists of a comprehensive in-depth analysis of the Chinese post-1970s writers group, especially the literary xiangjun five young writers and their representative works. It includes a multi-dimensional interpretation of the writing characteristics, narrative law and artistic construction of the "generation in the seam," fully displaying this transformation period of Chinese traditional values. Specifically, in terms of the book’s content and structure, there is (1) a broad vision with the ideological premise of modernity, (2), a high degree of "local" and "globalization," and (3), a demonstration of the importance of China's excellent cultural resources.



Biographical notes

Mao Nie (Author)

Nie Mao, formerly known as Chen Qingyun, is a professor and doctoral tutor at the College of Literature and Journalism of Central South University and a distinguished professor of TongGuan University of Technology. He has attended Lu Xun College of Arts, Fudan University, and Xiangtan University. He studied abroad in 1999 and after returning in July 2004 was introduced by the Central South University as an overseas high-level talent. He has published more than 130 papers of literary reviews in People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Southern Cultural Forum, Novel Review and so on. He has also published more than 40 works and has won numerous awards, including the Hunan Youth Literature Award, "People’s Literature" excellent prose award, and China Wenlian Literary Review second prize.


Title: The Literary Expressions of Chinese Experience