«Blick Mead» archaeology project wins Research Project of the Year 2018 award

February 28, 2018

The archaeological excavations at Blick Mead, an ancient spring on Salisbury Plain near Stonehenge, have been named ‘Research Project of the Year 2018’ by Current Archaeology magazine. Since 2005, a team of archaeologists at the University of Buckingham have been exploring this prehistoric site, which has provided a plethora of information about life in Mesolithic Britain. Their award-winning findings are described in Blick Mead: Exploring the 'first place' in the Stonehenge landscape, published by Peter Lang in February 2018. The book is the first in a new series on Studies in the British Mesolithic and Neolithic that presents the results of fieldwork and excavation, as well as works of interpretation from all perspectives on the British Neolithic revolution. Series editors are Graeme Davis and David Jacques from the University of Buckingham.