Review Copies

For Peter Lang authors

We are in contact with many journals and send them information about our new publications on a regular basis. A list of journals that regularly receive information about our newest titles can be found here. As a Peter Lang author you are welcome to share further media contacts and possible reviewers. These contacts will receive an invitation to review and will be asked to fill in a request form. Published reviews that we receive will be sent to you in electronic format and, where applicable, excerpted to help spread the word about your book.

For Scholars

If you’d like to review one of our books, you can complete the online form or send a request to Please provide us with the name of the journal, newspaper or online publication for wh ich you plan to write the review, so that we can request a copy of the review after it’s published. Once you know the journal issue in which the review will be published, we’d be grateful to hear from you.

For Book Review Editors

If you’d like to review a Peter Lang book in your journal, newspaper or online publication, you can complete the online form or send a request to We would appreciate you sending an electronic copy of the published review to Please ensure that PDFs are not read-only and that the name, issue and date of the publication is provided. Print copies of the review can be sent to the main press address.

Please note that review copies for a particular book may run out and, in such cases, review copies will have to be provided in electronic format.