Our Gold Open Access Model

Peter Lang offers authors optional Gold Open Access. With Gold Open Access your research will be freely available online for others to read, download and share immediately upon publication and without any embargo period.

When taking advantage of Gold Open Access both your print and Open Access publication benefit from our marketing, distribution and data management services, with no restrictions. The Open Access publication will be available on the Peter Lang website, OAPEN, Google Books and national research repositories in collaboration with many research funders. We are committed to offering you a fast and flexible service, fully supported by our experienced editorial and marketing teams.

What are the benefits of Gold Open Access for authors?

  • Accessibility – research becomes freely available as soon as it is published.
  • Discoverability – studies have shown that Open Access publications gain more views, citations and downloads than publications with restricted access.
  • Engagement – increased visibility means more possibilities for public engagement and collaboration.
  • Compliance – Open Access publication is increasingly required by funding bodies and a Creative Commons license allows authors to easily comply with funder requirements.
  • Rigour – all Open Access publications will benefit from our rigorous peer review process.
  • Support – Gold Open Access authors receive the full benefit of our marketing and distribution services.

Costs of an Open Access Publication

To compensate for missing sales revenues, we charge an Open Access flat fee of € 4,000 per publication. This fee covers publication under a Creative Commons license. The eBook will be available via www.peterlang.com and our partner OAPEN. Bibliographic data will be sent to Open Access directories like DOAB. Every publication will be perpetually archived with the independent service Portico.

In addition to this fee, Open Access publications are financed via a subsidy, as in the traditional publishing model. The subsidy is calculated individually for each title and lies between € 1,200 and € 5,000, depending on the requirements of the manuscript. Variables include, but are not limited to, the number of characters, number of graphics, quality of the manuscript delivered, requirements or special requests from the authors, editors or affiliated institutions. The calculation of the costs is performed in close cooperation with authors and editors.

The subsidy covers:

  • Duplication and attribution check
  • Text quality check and copyediting, if applicable
  • Peer-review
  • Checking graphics, editing if applicable
  • Cover design and typesetting
  • Allocation of ISBNs and DOIs
  • Production of print copies (print run and production details as agreed with the author)
  • Creation of the eBook formats PDF, ePUB, Mobi
  • Creation of a book product page on www.peterlang.com
  • Targeted press and marketing measures (e-mailings, catalogues, flyers, etc.)
  • Distribution of metadata to library catalogues

This is an overview of the services we provide. Services and processes are decided in close collaboration with each author. Before concluding the contract, authors receive an individual publication offer with a detailed cost statement.

In many cases, publication costs are not borne by authors themselves, but by funding bodies or institutions. Should you have any questions on the Peter Lang services available to you, please contact us.