Peer Reviews for publications financed by the FWF

A publication funded by the FWF has to meet special quality standards and is therefore subject to a specific peer review process.

Reviewers are selected by the publisher and are chosen according to the requirements of the FWF guidelines.

Reviewers shall be experts in the respective subject field and should possess the same level of qualifications (or higher) as the applicants. Any conflict of interest needs to be prevented. Hence, reviewers shall have no professional, financial or personal relation to the authors. They shall not have published, cooperated or worked at the same research institution with the authors during the last 5 years. Furthermore, they should not be active in the same country as the authors.

Detailed description of the FWF reviewer guidelines.

Two independent scientists will review each proposal. This process could take some time, but we do our best to keep turnaround times as short as possible. In case reviewers see the need of amendments to the manuscript, authors are given the opportunity to submit a revised version.

If both reviewers give a positive feedback, authors will receive a detailed publication offer including a contract.