Recently Licensed

Drobner Kashani Kincheloe

Hubertus Drobner
Lehrbuch der Patrologie
(3rd rev. and exp. ed.)

Portuguese (World) edition

Tony Kashani
Movies Change Lives

Russian edition

Joe L. Kincheloe
Critical Pedagogy Primer
(2nd edition)

Turkish edition



Allers, The Evolution of a Muslim Democrat: Bahasa Malay edition

Andrade, The Spanish of the Northern Peruvian Andes: Spanish (World) edition

Books, What is Film?: Russian edition

Briatte-Peters, Citoyennes sous tutelle: German edition

Burn, Making New Media: Japanese edition

Czerwinska-Schupp, Otto Bauer: English(World) edition

Holm et al., Religion, Ritual, Theatre: Russian edition

Israel & Lassonde, The Ethical Educator: Simplified Chinese edition for Mainland China

Kallaway/Swartz, Empire and Education in Africa: English-language reprint edition for Southern Africa

Kim, Reasonableness of Faith: Korean edition

Knobel & Kalman, New Literacies and Teacher Learning: Spanish (World) edition

Leavitt, Dancing with Absurdity: Russian edition

Löhr, Die Gründung Albaniens: Albanian edition

Manzini, Stendhal’s Parallel Lives: French (World) edition

Nagl, Grenzfälle: English (World) edition

Pickard, Ballet Body Narratives: Russian edition

Rodan, Notre culture européenne, cette inconnue: Hebrew edition