Subject Spotlights

Special launch offer – 20% discount on all orders received in 2018

We know that 'subject collections' created by publishers often include a lot of material you don't want. They're usually too broad in scope, meaning your users give up trying to find the book they want, or don't even try.

That’s why we have placed the focus on engaging topics within the humanities and social sciences, by highlighting them in smaller selections of titles. Enter our Spotlight on... series, a selection of titles curated around specific content themes. Each selection contains around 30 titles, meaning your users will work with an easily manageable set of books on their speciality.

The list of available Spotlight on... selections is below, and more will follow.

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Spotlight on... African Studies

Spotlight on... Australian and New Zealand Studies

Spotlight on... Canadian Studies

Spotlight on... the Environment and Animal Rights


Spotlight on... Gender Studies

Spotlight on... Indigenous Studies

Spotlight on... Irish Studies

Spotlight on... Jewish Studies

Spotlight on... LGBTQIA+

Spotlight on... Modern Masculinity