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idea is that there is a continuum between ETA and Herri Batasuna, through men who are rude to independent women. Another member of the family emphasises the idea of the sole commitment to violence, when he assures: “you [Herri Batasuna] run in the elections, but you don’t show up at parliament, not even to defend your thing.” In concordance with public opinion during the late 1990s, in Yoyes, Herri Batasuna is just a loudspeaker for ETA. They are both the same thing. The director Helena Taberna made a similar use of the character that Uribe made in Mikel

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geschlos­ sene Formen (Munn, 1973, Wales, 1990, zitiert in Cox, 1993, S. 107; siehe auch die Filmdokumenta­ tion von BBC, 1996). In Hinsicht auf diese Beobach­ tung vermerkt Cox (1993, S. 107): «Despite the fact that they have people around them all the time who could serve as models, Walbiri children do not attempt to draw a visual ‹look­a­like› of a person; rather, they adopt the semi­circle symbol used by the adult women in their sand­drawings. It is only with schooling and exposure to Western styles that the children begin to mix the different