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Rudolf Husemann and Anja Heikkinen

Globalisation and individualisation, decreasing public means, political strategies of de-centralisation, increasing participation of social groups and growing markets are discussed as main aspects of the current changes in vocational and continuing education. A comprehensive and integrating theoretical concept of analysis and understanding of these changes is widely missing, but necessary for a supra-national level of observation and comparison. The book includes a survey on this segment of education in several European countries, Australia and the USA. The folio of analysis and comparision is given by the concept of governance, which allows a theoretical and empirical approach to the field of vocational and adult education. The contributions line out governance and marketisation strategies in an international, national and sectoral perspective and give a frame of perception and interpretation on a general level.
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Antony Lindgren and Anja Heikkinen

Social competences have played a crucial role in the international search for generic, over-arching skills, key qualifications and core competences since the 1970s. By the end of 1990, social cohesion and integration had gained new momentum in this discourse because of their importance for the functioning of global market economy and industries. Moreover, the concept of social capital affects and changes the role of social competences in vocational and continuing education.
This volume presents a collection of papers which reflect and describe these changes and their political, economical and pedagogical backgrounds and implications. The topics include economisation of social competences, social competences as key qualifications for employability and entrepreneurship, social challenges in eroding welfare societies, gender and social competences, and the ideological and economical context of the social competences discourse.
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Reworking Vocational Education

Policies, Practices and Concepts

Anja Heikkinen and Katrin Kraus

A new political order is transforming the nature of work in advanced industrialised countries. What does this mean for the nexus of education and work? How does it affect the idea of vocation, the reality of lifelong learning, the concept of employability, and the future of vocational education and training?
This volume analyses the foundations of this transformation featuring globalisation and individualisation. It offers an analysis of the shifting terrain of governance and policy and their impact on the field of vocational education. With contributions from scholars located in Europe as well as in Australia and the USA, it provides an understanding of a number of important educational policy topics, including changing social and cultural conditions of labour, migration, an aging populace and the spread of cross-national discourses. Additional chapters tackle the concepts of «employability», «gender», «earning» and «lifelong learning» and examine their relation to policies, practices, theory and research in vocational education.
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Edited by Philipp Gonon and Anja Heikkinen

The aim of this series is to present critical, historical and comparative research in the field of vocational and continuing education and human research development, seen from a pedagogical, organisational, economic and societal perspective. It discusses the implications of latest research to contemporary reform policies and practices. One central issue reflected in all publications is gender. A basic feature of all volumes is their cross-cultural approach.

The series has a firm basis in the international research network “VET and Culture” (Vocational Education and Training and Culture; and the editors invite distinguished researchers from Europe and other continents to contribute to the series. Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education includes monographs, collected papers editions, and proceedings.

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Gender Perspectives on Vocational Education

Historical, Cultural and Policy Aspects

Philipp Gonon, Kurt Häfeli, Anja Heikkinen and Iris Ludwig

This volume contains contributions presented at the international conference «Gender Perspectives on Vocational Education» (19-21 August 1999, Aarau). The main focus is on gender aspects in vocational education – particularly health care education – and further education. Authors from different countries discuss the influence of gender on vocational education and present research results and political reform projects. Drawing on international comparisons an outlook on gender equality in the fields of vocational education and work is offered. The articles particularly emphasize how equal rights for men and women can be put into practice in various occupations.
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Klaus Harney, Anja Heikkinen, Sylvia Rahn and Michael Schemmann

The articles on different subjects of the broader theme «lifelong learning» represent the latest results of the discussions of the «Vocational Education and Culture Research Network». The contributions, written by authors from six European countries, mention nearly the whole spectrum of issues and arguments distinguishing the current debate on lifelong learning. The publication includes therefore questions of biographies as well as system-oriented approaches, it refers to international comparisons as well as to country studies, to self-organised and -directed learning as well as to the role of institutions, to gender aspects as well as to the importance of age.