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Lexical Processes in Scientific Discourse Popularisation

A corpus-linguistic study of the SARS coverage

Christiane Brand

In today’s informed society, the news media have taken it upon themselves to provide the general public with information that is technical in nature and was previously restricted to the scientific discourse community. This popular presentation of scientific or technical facts is of particular interest to the corpus-based study of Language for Specific Purposes (LSP). The characteristics of the specific domain texts, e.g. medical journal articles, are perceived as a potential barrier to communication by the layman and this linguistic barrier must be lowered by awareness of and adaptation to the communicative competence of the general audience. Using corpus-linguistic methodology, the present study focuses on processes on the word level, placing special emphasis on collocations and semantic prosodies. On the basis of the findings of the corpus analysis, a comprehensive model of lexical popularisation is sketched out.
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Norms in Educational Linguistics – Normen in Educational Linguistics

Linguistic, Didactic and Cultural Perspectives – Sprachwissenschaftliche, didaktische und kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven

Stefanie Dose, Sandra Götz, Thorsten Brato and Christiane Brand

This volume is a collection of German and English papers presented at a symposium for young researchers on ‘Norms in Educational Linguistics’, which was held in Giessen (Germany) in 2008. The proceedings represent a multitude of philologies, theoretical frameworks and applications and are structured in thematic sections ranging from Language policy as a reflection of cultural norms to Norm, standard, deviation and Target norms in foreign language teaching.
Dieser Band ist eine Sammlung von deutsch- und englischsprachigen Beiträgen, die bei einem Symposium für Nachwuchswissenschaftler zu ‘Normen in der Educational Linguistics’ (Gießen, 2008) gehalten wurden. Die Betrachtung verschiedenster Sprachen und theoretischer Ansätze sowie die Anwendungsbeispiele zeichnen diesen Band aus, in dem die Normfrage anhand von drei Schwerpunktbereichen diskutiert wird: Sprachpolitik als Ausdruck kultureller Normen; Norm, Standard, Abweichung und Zielnormen im Fremdsprachenunterricht.