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Pregnant with Meaning

Teen Mothers and the Politics of Inclusive Schooling

Deirdre M. Kelly

How and why have teen mothers become scapegoats for social anxieties? How do schools respond to these stigmatized students in their midst? And, in those rare schools attempting to form more inclusive settings for teen mothers, what helps or hinders success? These issues are explored in Pregnant with Meaning, which links an ethnographic study of two schools to the wider North American political and economic context. Mindful of myriad, shifting power relations within the research setting, Deirdre M. Kelly scrutinizes her own practices as a participant observer and contributes new knowledge in the areas of sexuality education, detracking curriculum, and the politics of representation. Against the prevailing neoliberal/moral conservative consensus, she develops a critical feminist argument for integrating teen mothers and rethinking school and classroom practices.
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‘Girl Power’

Girls Reinventing Girlhood

Dawn H. Currie, Deirdre M. Kelly and Shauna Pomerantz

‘Girl Power’: Girls Reinventing Girlhood examines the identity practices of girls who have grown up in the context of ‘girl power’ culture. The book asks whether – and which – girls have benefited from this feminist-inspired movement. Can girls truly become anything they want, as suggested by those who claim that the traditional mandate of femininity – compliance to male interests – is a thing of the past? To address such questions, the authors distinguish between ‘girlhood’ as a cultural ideal, and girls as the embodied agents through which girlhood becomes a social accomplishment. The book identifies significant issues for parents and teachers of girls, and offers suggestions for ‘critical social literacy’ as a classroom practice that recognizes the ways popular culture mediates young people’s understanding of gender. ‘Girl Power’ will be of interest to researchers of contemporary gender identities, as well as educational professionals and adult girl advocates. It is relevant for students in gender studies and teacher-education courses, as well as graduate student researchers.