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Diálogos intertextuales 5

Between Text and Receiver: Translation and Accessibility- Entre texto y receptor: traducción y accesibilidad

Edited by Elena Di Giovanni

The volume brings together up-to-date contributions on translation and accessibility, with a major focus on audiovisual texts, their translations and receivers across languages and cultures. Featuring studies of dubbing, interlingual subtitling, subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of hearing (SDH), audio description and other translation techniques, as they are employed and developed across Europe, the book also covers all the major issues related to the reception of translated and accessible texts. Five essays focus on children as unique viewers and receivers of translated audiovisual texts, thus providing a valuable contribution to the development of research in audiovisual translation for children.
El volumen recoge las últimas contribuciones sobre traducción y accesibilidad, con un enfoque mayoritario en textos audiovisuales, en su traducción y en sus receptores en diversos sistemas lingüístico-culturales Además de ofrecer estudios sobre doblaje, subtitulación, subtitulación para sordos, audiodescripciön y otras tecnicas de traducción tal como son empleadas y desarrolladas en Europa, el libro también cubre aquellos temas centrales en la recepciön de textos traducidos y accesibles. Cinco de los articulos se centran en los niños como receptores de los textos audiovisuales traducidos, por lo que se puede considerar esta obra como una valiosa contribución al desarrollo de las investigaciones en traducción audiovisual para un público infantil.
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Audiovisual Translation across Europe

An Ever-changing Landscape


Edited by Silvia Bruti and Elena Di Giovanni

This volume explores the expansion of audiovisual translation studies and practices within European institutions, universities and businesses. The wide variety of contributions from researchers and practitioners from different countries and backgrounds reflects the rapid pace and complex nature of this expansion.
The first section is dedicated to the multiple relations and intersections of AVT with culture and demonstrates how translation is conditioned by the (in)correct perception and codification of cultural values, both in dubbing and subtitling. The second section focuses on new perspectives on media accessibility, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in this relatively young but growing area. The contributions are in line with a new trend in the field of AVT that presents accessibility as both an asset and a universal right, thus highlighting the importance of increased accessibility to audiovisual media content for all viewers.
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Écrire et traduire pour les enfants / Writing and Translating for Children

Voix, images et mots / Voices, Images and Texts


Edited by Elena Di Giovanni, Chiara Elefante and Roberta Pederzoli

De l’étude de quelques auteurs classiques à l’analyse du rôle des illustrations, en passant par la bande dessinée et le théâtre pour les enfants, ce volume analyse le vaste champ de l’écriture pour la jeunesse. Différentes contributions se penchent sur la traduction de la littérature de jeunesse, et plus particulièrement sur sa nature intersémiotique. Elles abordent de la sorte la problématique de la voix du traducteur et les principes théoriques guidant ce-dernier, ou se concentrent spécifiquement sur diverses littératures nationales. Un dernier axe de réflexion, enfin, offre un aperçu sur la traduction audiovisuelle, ses principes théoriques, ses réalisations concrètes et ses effets du point de vue de la réception. Les contributions réunies dans ce volume sont en français, anglais et italien.
The first section of this volume features a variety of essays on writing for children, ranging from studies of classic authors to an analysis of the role of pictures in children’s books, to an examination of comics and theatre for the young.
Subjects addressed in the second section include the intersemiotic nature of translating for children, the question of the translator’s voice, the theoretical principles that best aid translators in the field of children’s literature, as well as chapters exploring the idea of national literatures for the young. The third and final section offers insights into audiovisual translation for children. These contributions focus on theories and models for this kind of translational activity, as well as addressing a number of real-life cases and their reception.
The volume features contributions in three languages: French, English and Italian.