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Teachable Moments

Re-conceptualizing Curricula Understandings

Eunsook Hyun

How do we understand what curriculum ‘is’ and ‘does’ for both learners and teachers? Using actual field-based vignettes, this book introduces teachable moment-oriented, emergent-oriented, and negotiation-oriented curricula practices, and explores how, while the three curricula notions are distinctively different from one another, they are simultaneously interconnected. Teachable Moments is a valuable resource for teachers at all levels. In addition, this is a book for senior undergraduate- and graduate-level early childhood curriculum courses, as well as graduate students and faculty who are interested in studying contemporary postmodern curricula discourses.
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Eunsook Hyun, Rainer Paslack and Hilmar Stolte

Life science comprises any of the branches of natural science dealing with the structure and behavior of living organisms and their relationships to one another and the environment. By presenting the proceedings of three transdisciplinary transatlantic workshops, this book deals with the interface among the ever expanding fields of molecular biology, nano-technology and synthetic biology as well as the subsequent ethical issues and the need for regulations. In this context the book emphasizes the role of regulations and ethical practices in clinical research, and points out the different approaches used in Europe and the USA. Clinical research was discussed from the perspective that medicine is and should always be a socially responsive human engagement advancing the condition of the living.