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Eva Kushner

This volume consists of 21 papers by internationally known Comparative Literature scholars on the reception of literature. More and more attention is being paid in literary studies to the manner in which texts are received by their readership (as opposed to studying their genesis, or analyzing their structure). Here, the emphasis is on the reading of texts, as part of the historical continuum of literature. Reception studies offer an extraordinary variety of perspectives, in addition to the present division between those deriving their problematics from the reading strategies implicit in the text itself and those in the process of constituting an empirical field of knowledge of reader responses, which includes verfication processes. The volume also includes a rich spectrum of practical studies from a variety of languages, cultures, genres and movements. Every study shows the vitality of literary works even as they are transmitted - and transformed - from culture to culture. The book opens with a short introduction on the history of reception studies.
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Eva Kushner

The subject of acculturation lies at the heart of Comparative Literature in its relationship to cultural studies. It attempts to capture and to articulate the nature of the interaction of cultures through literary texts. In the past, acculturation has often manifested itself through the dominance of an invading or invasive culture over another; in fact, it has not infrequently been synonymous with the subjection of non-European cultures to Western civilization. Yet, it can be shown that the receptor culture, far from being passive, has the ability to appropriate and transform the invader culture which in turn undergoes acculturation, a dynamic of great complexity, never at a standstill.
Many of the phenomena described in this volume relate to the second type of acculturation, which is no longer a more or less official program of enforced cultural adaptation, but a far more pervasive and spontaneous movement of feedback which can indeed be reciprocal and eventually lead to intercultural dialogue.
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Daniel Pageaux and Eva Kushner

Comment - et en quoi - la poésie, le théâtre, le roman ou la carrière de Victor Hugo ont pu jouer un rôle déterminant dans les littératures mondiales? Tel fut l'un des thèmes du congrès comparatiste mondial de l'AILC-ICLA (Paris, août 1985).
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Dialogues of Cultures- Dialogues des cultures

Actes du XIe Congrès de l'Association Internationale de Littérature Comparée

Eva Kushner and Haga Toru

More than ever, comparative literature sees as its task the international study of literatures, which means that the entire spectrum of world literature is potentially its field of exploration. Today this means much more than studying relations between national literatures neatly contained within the borders of national states; transnationality is everywhere: in a multiplicity of diasporas, exiles, and multinational linguistic communities spanning the world; but also within multicultural countries and megacities. It means that in the global village the possibility exists and must exist not only to study the literatures closest to one’s own, but those of the Other, in complete reciprocity; and not only from the vantage-point of one’s own culture but with a mind open to patterns, methods, visions very distant from one’s own. In “Dialogues of Cultures” twenty-two authors have come to grips with this necessity, studying self-critically, with open minds and a variety of comparative methods, first, aspects of “East-West relations” (but “East” and “West” must be understood in the broadest and most symbolical sense); and secondly aspects of intra-European relations.
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Gerald Gillespie and Eva Kushner

Une des tâches urgentes du comparatisme contemporain est de rendre compte de la situation complexe de la théorie, de la critique et de l'histoire littéraires en Afrique, en Asie, en Europe et au Nouveau Monde. Il faut reconnaître la variété des forces institutionnelles dans des cultures spécifiques et la concurrence entre les divers points de vue concernant les modalités discursives qui conviennent à l'étude de la littérature.
Vingt-cinq savants, originaires des cinq continents, apportent dans leurs exposés plusieurs réponses à ce problème et montrent que le comparatisme a engendré un vif dialogue sur le plan mondial.
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Adalbert Stifter- Narrheit und Erzählstruktur

Narrheit und Erzählstruktur

Peter Märki, Eva Kushner and Milan V. Dimic

Untersucht werden in der vorliegenden Arbeit Stifters Erzählungen «Der Hagestolz», «Der Waldsteig», «Die Narrenburg» und «Turmalin». Es wird gezeigt, dass in jedem dieser Werke Stifters Menschenbild in zweierlei Gestalt gegenwärtig ist: in den Narren, die wir im Unterschied zu Stifter eher als Sonderlinge bezeichnen würden, und in den heilen Menschen, die Stifter den Narren gegenüberstellt. Das Hauptinteresse gilt der Frage, welcher erzählerischen Mittel sich Stifter bedient, um zwischen heiler und närrischer Welt einen Bezug zu schaffen. Da Stifter das Narrenthema von den Anfängen bis in die Reifezeit hinein immer wieder aufgegriffen hat, gewährt die Arbeit wertvolle Einblicke in die schriftstellerische Entwicklung des Dichters.