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Theology and Dehumanization

Trauma, Grief, and Pathological Mourning in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century German Thought and Literature. Edited by Gail K. Hart in Collaboration with Ursula Mahlendorf, Thomas P. Saine and Hans Medick

Gail K. Hart

In this posthumous volume Jill Anne Kowalik analyzes pathological grief in 17th and 18th-century Germany. Early chapters outline the methodological prerequisites and the main theoretical underpinnings for her multidisciplinary study of mentality and give an overview of the theories and practices of consolation in the Western tradition. She traces the origins of pathological grief to the trauma of the Thirty Years War, and analyzes mourning practices as evidenced by funeral sermons for their punitive theological content. Rather than helping, these practices actually intensified the trauma of loss. The second part of the volume addresses the work of German writers such as Moritz, Nietzsche, Freud, and Goethe for their psychologically acute depiction of the effects of pathological mourning.
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Visions of Europe

Interdisciplinary Contributions to Contemporary Cultural Debates


Edited by Gail K. Hart and Anke S. Biendarra

How do we as scholars envision Europe? Participants in a two-day research symposium bring a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary responses to this complex question. Distinguished US scholars address the European continent, its history and culture, and its politics in essays that range from the intellectual tradition to poetics and world literature, from the air war to plurilingualism, from religious symbolism to Europe’s colonial legacy. These contributions comprise a portrait or vision of Europe today; the challenges it faces, and the challenges we face in confronting it as a cultural and geopolitical entity.
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Edited by Irmela von der Lühe and Gail K. Hart

Die Reihe Berliner Beiträge zur Literatur- und Kulturgeschichte bietet die Möglichkeit zur Veröffentlichung von Monographien, Aufsatzbänden oder Einzeluntersuchungen aus dem Gesamtgebiet der deutschsprachigen Literatur- und Kulturgeschichte und versteht sich als Forum unterschiedlicher methodischer und theoretischer Zugänge. Überdurchschnittliche Arbeiten zu einzelnen Autoren/Autorinnen, zu Gattungen und Sujets und zu übergreifenden thematischen Bereichen sind gleichermassen willkommen. Trotz des Reihentitels ist ein thematischer Bezug der Arbeiten auf Berlin keineswegs zwingend.
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Edited by Celia Applegate, Gail K. Hart, Kai Evers, Susan Gustafson and Peter Meilaender

German Studies in America publishes research across the field of German studies in the broadest sense, from literary criticism to cultural studies. The editors welcome scholarly work that takes an innovative approach to German, Swiss, or Austrian history, literature, politics, philosophy, national identity, religion, popular culture, film, music, and/or visual art. We are also eager to consider projects that adopt interdisciplinary and intersectional approaches as well as studies with theoretical approaches including psychoanalysis, gender studies, feminism, Marxism, critical race studies, etc. We publish scholarly monographs, translations and edited volumes of essays in both German and English. This series adheres to the highest academic standards and is peer reviewed.