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Global Technography

Ethnography in the Age of Mobility

Grant Kien

This book develops and employs a new methodology – Global Technography – to investigate wireless mobility from a sociological and cultural perspective. It illustrates that technologies are created to perform roles – to act – in everyday life, and this demands an ethnography that can track the social performativity of technology in addition to that of human beings. The book is suitable for graduate and upper level undergraduate courses in methodology, communications, and cultural work dealing with globalization and new digital communications media.
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Marina Levina and Grant Kien

Post-Global Network and Everyday Life explores everyday life in the new world order of global network. It argues that network has come into its own as a state of mind and a way of life – in sum, a cultural norm. As a result, it is no longer fitting to examine the network as an external force, but as a somewhat banal aspect of our everyday environment. The essays in this volume provide analyses of case studies that illustrate new – and old – ways in which everyday life is lived within network. Each chapter examines network as an always-already condition – we are the network, and as such are living in a state of post-global network.