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Educational Psychology Reader

The Art and Science of How People Learn - Revised Edition


Edited by Greg S. Goodman

The revised edition of Educational Psychology Reader: The Art and Science of How People Learn presents an exciting amalgam of educational psychology’s research-based reflections framed in twenty-first century critical educational psychology. As a discipline, educational psychology is reinventing itself from its early and almost exclusive identification with psychometrics and taxonomy-styled classifications to a dynamic and multicultural collage of conversations concerning language acquisition, socially mediated learning, diverse learning modalities, motivation, the affective domain, brain-based learning, the role of ecology in increasing achievement, and many other complementary dimensions of how people learn. Many polymaths of the discipline are included in this volume, providing daunting evidence of the range and intellectual rigor of educational psychology at this historical juncture. Featuring a collection of renowned international authors, this text will appeal to scholars across the globe. The Educational Psychology Reader is an ideal choice as either the primary or supplemental text for both undergraduate and graduate level educational psychology courses.
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Reducing Hate Crimes and Violence Among American Youth

Creating Transformational Agency Through Critical Praxis

Greg S. Goodman

As hate crimes and violence continue to hurt the innocent, our society has looked little beyond retribution and punishment for the perpetrators. This book breaks new ground by looking at the ways in which educators and school boards can work to develop transformational agency for those students most at risk. By developing alternative schools that foster strong relationships through supportive communities, disaffected youth can find hope and trust within themselves as they continue their educational and social development. Undergirded with critical and border pedagogy, alternative schools effectively build transformative agency within their students by genuinely caring about their success.
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Alternatives in Education

Critical Pedagogy for Disaffected Youth

Greg S. Goodman

Using critical theory as a foundation, Alternatives in Education posits psychology's role in educating at-risk youth as the number one ingredient for student success. To reach and teach disaffected youth, the best psychological practices must be wedded to modern, multicultural perspectives. Alternatives in Education brings free choice and opportunity to a milieu of students and teachers alienated by competitive and hegemonic school models. Blending critical theory into the actual stories of the Wonalancet Alternative School, Alternatives in Education speaks to practicing educators of at-risk youth.
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Educational Psychology

An Application of Critical Constructivism

Greg S. Goodman

Critical constructivist pedagogy considers social justice and the freedom of students to learn as the most important aspects of the teacher’s work in the classroom. Educational Psychology: An Application of Critical Constructivism is a clarion call for pre-service teachers to identify their students’ needs and apply critical constructivist pedagogy to facilitate their learning. Collectively, these essays emphasize the need for pre-service teachers to consider their role as fundamental to the development of their students’ leadership, and awareness of social justice and equality in education as critical for a healthier and saner world.
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School Sucks!

Arguments for Alternative Education

Rochelle Brock and Greg S. Goodman

School Sucks! is designed to complement the dominant discourse of school reform by presenting a compendium of critical pedagogical writings that analyze the current issues in urban education and demonstrate alternative praxis for failing schools. The two editors of this volume also serve as the series editors for Peter Lang Publishing’s Educational Psychology and Black Studies and Critical Thinking series, giving them remarkable resources from which to draw this selection of writings that represent the very best concepts of pedagogy and praxis. School Sucks! furthers the reader's knowledge of the pretext of urban educational problems and promotes a positive praxis of urban educational reform.
Inspired by mentors Mary McLeod Bethune and Paulo Freire, School Sucks! employs a critical pedagogy and praxis in calling for wholesale changes within our urban schools.
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Ubiquitous Assessment

Evaluation Techniques for the New Millennium

Greg S. Goodman and Karen T. Carey

In our multicultural world, it is impossible to uphold a standardized conceptualization of ‘normal’. The use of techniques that primarily reinforce competitive sorting is not viable, humanistic, or conceptually valid. This book addresses the immediate and urgent need to both parallel and honor the diversity that typifies our classrooms and communities by promoting ubiquitous assessment, and attending to the individual instructional and therapeutic needs of our students. Ubiquitous Assessment draws attention to the waste that is made of instructional or therapeutic opportunities when assessment is separated from teaching or psychological interventions, and it calls for an immediate, gestalt connection between individuals and their experiences.
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Educational Psychology

Critical Pedagogical Perspectives

Edited by M. Cathrene Connery and Greg S. Goodman

Educational Psychology: Critical Pedagogical Perspectives is a collection of relevant and dynamic works by scholars and practitioners of Critical Pedagogy, Critical Constructivism, and Educational Psychology. Reflecting a multitude of social, political, and intellectual developments prompted by the mentor Paulo Freire, Educational Psychology: Critical Pedagogical Perspectives enlivens the educator’s process with theory and practice that promote personal agency, social justice, and academic achievement. Often countering the dominant discourse with provocative and yet practical alternatives, Educational Psychology: Critical Pedagogical Perspectives speaks to educators on the forefront of social change and those who champion social justice.