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Intersecting Diaspora Boundaries

Portuguese Contexts


Edited by Irene Maria F. Blayer and Dulce Maria Scott

This collection of essays provides both critical and interdisciplinary means for thinking across diasporic travels within the Portuguese experience and its intersection with other peoples and cultures. The chapters are organized into four sections and offer rich, diverse, and insightful studies that provide a conceptualization of the Portuguese diaspora with special attention to the importance of cross-cultural interferences and influences. Within this framework, and from a variety of perspectives, some of the chapters depict identity-formation paths among Portuguese Jews and Luso-Indians in Australia, as well as the historical, cultural, and literary interplay among Portuguese and other diasporas in Goa, the West Indies, and Brazil. Other chapters analyze Portuguese-American literature and poetry, whereby the intersection of memory, dual identity, and place are meticulously explored. The last section of the book addresses Portuguese writers and poets who lived through (in)voluntary exile or were dislocated to Europe and Asia, and how their diasporic conditions interface with their textualized narratives. Place and memory as means of reconstructing a fragmented existence, in the writings of exiled writers, are also explored. The volume closes with a chapter on Portuguese illegal migration to France. The studies herein open new lines of inquiry into diaspora studies.
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Irene Maria F. Blayer and Dulce Maria Scott

Interdisciplinary Studies in Diasporas opens a discursive space in diaspora scholarship in all fields of the humanities and social sciences. The volumes published in this series comprise studies that explore and contribute to an understanding of diasporas from a broad spectrum of cultural, literary, linguistic, anthropological, historical, political, and socioeconomic perspectives, as well as theoretical and methodological approaches. The series welcomes original submissions from individually and collaboratively authored books and monographs as well as edited collections of essays. All proposals and manuscripts are peer reviewed.

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Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Perspectives

Irene Maria F. Blayer and Monica Sanchez

This interdisciplinary collection of sixteen readings from the International Conference on Storytelling (1999), serves as a bridge between the academic and the non-academic world by incorporating essays from scholars as well as storytellers. Topics covered include education, ethnolinguistics, First Nations studies, folklore, linguistics, literature, psychology, and sociology.
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Irene Maria F. Blayer and Mark Cronlund Anderson

North America is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary and cross-cultural. In this emerging context narratives play a crucial role in weaving patterns that in turn provide fabrics for our lives. In this thoroughly original collection, Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Narratives in North America, a dozen scholars deploy a variety of provocative and illuminating approaches to explore and understand the many ways that stories speak to, from, within, and across culture(s) in North America.
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Irene Maria F. Blayer and Mark Anderson

This book presents a selection of fourteen provocative and unique essays bringing together the views of exciting new scholarship on narratives and cultural identity in Latin America. In so doing, it balances theory, methodology, and description. The offerings in this volume deliver a clarion mix of original voices and cutting-edge approaches to the exploration of the topics, which reflect diverse perspectives on Latin American culture and literature. The contributions feature analyses of Latin American oral tradition, cultural identity, memory construction, storytelling, literary truth-claims, myth, autobiography, cultural policy and history, folk art and cinema.
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Francisco Cota Fagundes and Irene Maria F. Blayer

This interdisciplinary volume centers on the interrelations of storytelling and various manifestations of cultural identity, from written to oral and from autobiographical to regional and national. Indigenous storytelling, as well as storytelling for and by children and the elderly, are the main focus of these essays. Together, these fifteen texts make a significant contribution toward a deeper understanding of various aspects of textual and oral narrative: they broaden the lines of inquiry into multidisciplinary and multicultural interests, particularly those centering on the construction, expression, and contextualization of various types of identity; and they illustrate the deployment of storytelling not only as testimony, contestation, and subversion – but also as peacebuilding. Many countries, languages and cultures are herein represented – from the United States and Canada to Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia, from English to Japanese to Greek to Italian to the languages of indigenous peoples of Latin America and the Philippines.
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Narrating the Portuguese Diaspora

Piecing Things Together


Edited by Francisco Cota Fagundes, Irene Maria F. Blayer and Teresa F.A. Alves

Narrating the Portuguese Diaspora presents a variety of perspectives on the Portuguese diaspora, from literature to identity discourse to biography and autobiography. The book is divided into three parts: reading literary identities within and without borders; constructing/constructed extra-literary identities at home and abroad; and literary ethnic voices from the North American diaspora and beyond. The 22 texts presented in this volume highlight the diasporic themes and backgrounds upon which the scope of the scholarly texts – as well as the personal contributions of short stories, poetry, interviews, and autobiographical memory – can be interwoven in a narrative identity construction.