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A Decolonizing Encounter

Ward Churchill and Antonia Darder in Dialogue

Pierre W. Orelus

A Decolonizing Encounter examines the effects of western colonialism on historically marginalized and colonized populations living both in the West and the «third world». Specifically, it explores crucial issues such as the decolonizing of schools and communities of color; the decentralization of power of the capitalist and colonial state; globalization; democracy; and struggle for political and economic justice for all peoples. This book holds appeal particularly to committed social justice educators, as well as scholars and community activists concerned with the important issues of schooling, colonization, democracy, and the right of all students to have access to quality and democratic education. Given its interdisciplinary scope, undergraduate and graduate students majoring in or interested in disciplines such as education, colonial and postcolonial studies, history, anthropology, sociology, and ethnic studies will find this book deeply relevant to their intellectual formation and scholarly interests.
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Whitecentricism and Linguoracism Exposed

Towards the De-Centering of Whiteness and Decolonization of Schools

Pierre W. Orelus

Whitecentricism and English hegemony are two forms of oppression that have affected and limited the life chances of linguistically, racialized, and culturally diverse people, including students. In this book, the author draws on postcolonial and socio-cultural theories and resistant narratives to build a strong argument to counter such hegemony. He a rgues that whitecentricism and linguoracism are two dominant ideologies that structurally privilege Whites over non-Whites and monolinguals of English over bilingual and multilingual speakers. He also unveils the psychological and socio-economic effects of whitecentricism and linguoracism on historically and linguistically marginalized groups, including linguistically and culturally diverse students. Finally, the author proposes that whiteness be de-centered and the English-only movement be counteracted for the construction of a more racially and linguistically inclusive and equitable society.
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The Agony of Masculinity

Race, Gender, and Education in the Age of «New» Racism and Patriarchy

Pierre W. Orelus

Drawing on critical race theory and empirical data from case studies involving fifty men of African descent, this book presents a new perspective on black masculinity, maleness, sexism, and institutional racism. The book situates black masculinity in a racial, socio-historical, and postcolonial context to provide innovative ways of understanding the profound effects of institutional racism. Although its focus is primarily on people of African descent, the book addresses issues concerning all races and ethnicities, explores the harmful effects of sexism and homophobia on women and queer people, and proposes practical steps that can be taken to fight against socio-economic inequality and injustice that is racially-, gender-, and sexually-based. Given the practical nature and interdisciplinary dimension of this book, readers and educators studying race, racism, sexism, and gender issues will find it germane to their needs and their classes.
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Courageous Voices of Immigrants and Transnationals of Color

Counter Narratives against Discrimination in Schools and Beyond- Foreword by Zeus Leonardo- Afterword by Richard Delgado

Pierre W. Orelus

Drawing on critical race theory and the courageous narratives of immigrants and transnationals of color, this book articulates how these individuals have been racially and linguistically discriminated against, and the extent to which they have resisted such discrimination. Pierre W. Orelus analyzes and situates their vibrant stories in the larger U.S. racial and socio-political context, where they and other marginalized groups have been racially and linguistically targeted despite their U.S. citizenship and status as university professors, thus complicating notions of class and citizenship. The book goes further to illuminate how U.S. foreign policy has played a key role in the dislocation and migration of many people, particularly immigrants of color, to foreign lands. It concludes with recommendations for combating racial, linguistic, and xenophobic discrimination against immigrants and transnational subjects of color.
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On Language, Democracy, and Social Justice

Noam Chomsky’s Critical Intervention- Foreword by Peter McLaren- Afterword by Pepi Leistyna


Pierre W. Orelus and Noam Chomsky

Every century has witnessed the birth of a few world-transcending intellectuals as well as talented emerging scholars. Noam Chomsky and Pierre W. Orelus are no exception. Using dialogues exchanged over the course of nine years, combined with heartfelt critical essays, Chomsky and Orelus analytically examine social justice issues, such as unbalanced relationships between dominant and subjugated languages, democratic schooling, neoliberalism, colonization, and the harmful effect of Western globalization on developing countries, particularly on the poor living in those countries. On Language, Democracy, and Social Justice offers a unique perspective on these issues. Educators and scholar-activists interested in challenging the long-standing status quo to inspire transformative social, educational, and political change must read this book.