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Changing Configurations in Adult Education in Transitional Times

International Perspectives in Different Countries


Edited by Bernd Käpplinger and Steffi Robak

Change and transition are prominent buzzwords in the discourse upon adult education. International conferences like the European ESREA triennial research conference 2013 in Berlin focused on these terms. But is to deal with change and transitions really something new for adult education? What is new? What has changed? Which kind of transitions do we experience and how can we systematically observe and analyse them as researchers nowadays? This anthology wants to stimulate an exchange beyond buzzwords and European perspectives and investigate what these terms could mean for research in terms of institutionalisation and professionalization in adult education in different national contexts. Therefore, distinguished scholars were invited to contribute to this anthology.
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Edited by Bernd Käpplinger and Steffi Robak

The book series “Studies in Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Gerontagogy” is dedicated to theoretical and empirical research in adult education and continuing training. It aims at critically accompanying the process of the discipline’s internationalization and reflects on its inbound and outbound effects. It provides a transnational forum which perpetuates the agendas of national and international conferences. It offers also a space for such foundation works which serve the constitution and international comparison of adult education and continuing training.

Outstanding scientists as well as young and ambitious scholars are addressed. Books are published in English or German language. Book proposals are welcome and should be submitted to the editors. After a successful review by the editors and the publisher (or peer review) they will suggested for publication in the series.

Please contact:


Prof. Dr. Bernd Käpplinger (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen): E-Mail / Homepage
Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak (Leibniz Universität Hannover): E-Mail / Homepage
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Bildungsurlaub – Planung, Programm und Partizipation

Eine Studie in Perspektivverschränkung


Edited by Steffi Robak, Horst Rippien, Lena Heidemann and Claudia Pohlmann

In einem perspektivverschränkenden Ansatz untersuchen die Autorinnen und der Autor die polyvalenten Wirkungen von Bildungsurlaub. Außerdem befassen sie sich mit den durch die Gesetzesänderung evozierten Steuerungseffekten auf der Ebene der Anbieter und Angebote. Es werden darüber hinaus die professionellen Handlungsmodi der Programmplanung untersucht und die Interessens- und Verwertungszusammenhänge der Teilnehmenden. Hintergrund ist die Tatsache, dass es in Deutschland nur wenige gesetzliche Regelungen gibt, die ein Recht des Einzelnen auf Weiterbildung sichern. Ein besonderes Beispiel sind die Landesgesetze zum Bildungsurlaub (auch Bildungsfreistellungsgesetze). Das Bundesland Bremen hat sein Bildungsurlaubsgesetz im Jahre 2010 novelliert und versucht die Teilnahmequote zu erhöhen, indem es das Spektrum an Bildungsurlaubsanbietern und Veranstaltungsformaten ausdifferenziert und erweitert.
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Cultures of Program Planning in Adult Education

Concepts, Research Results and Archives


Edited by Bernd Käpplinger, Steffi Robak, Marion Fleige, Aiga von Hippel and Wiltrud Gieseke

This book is a unique approach in relating mutually international and comparative research from scholars on program planning for adults. Program planning is about needs, finding topics, making offers and bundling different contents. It makes organizations of adult education visible and contributes to their existence and is therefore a core activity of the professionals in adult education. The volume originates from an international conference hosted by Leibniz-University Hannover, which was organized by a plural expert group with key actors at Humboldt-University Berlin and the German Institute for Adult Education. The authors demonstrate the unique research method program analysis and present archives which offer an established infrastructure for heterogeneous research questions.