Géopolitique et résolution des conflits / Geopolitics and Conflict Resolution

Géopolitique et résolution des conflits

This series welcomes contributions seeking to analyse the geopolitical changes which have been such a prominent feature of the European and world arena since 1989.
At the European level, there is a particular focus on post-Cold War conflicts along with the transformation which has occurred in relations between the European Union and major powers.
At a world level, major upheavals have radically altered the ground rules for understanding conflicts and crises. They have also had far-reaching implications for the prevention, management and resolution of disputes.
In this context, the series is open to theoretical and empirical studies which critically examine the international implications and progress of specific conflicts and peace processes.
The scientific board of the «Geopolitics and Conflict Resolution» series is made up of the members of the Centre d'études des crises et des conflits internationaux of the Université catholique de Louvain (CECRI-UCL) and of the «EU-Russia» and «EU-China» Baillet Latour Chairs UCL-KUL.