Euroclio - Etudes et Documents

ISSN: 0944-2294

«Euroclio» is a scientific and editorial project, a network of research institutions and researchers, and an ideas forum. «Euroclio» as an editorial project consists of two aspects: the first concerns studies and documents, the second concerns tools. Both are aimed at making the results of research more accessible, and also at opening up paths through the history of European construction/integration/unification.
The «Euroclio» series meets a dual objective:
– to provide reference tools for research,
– to provide a platform for this research in terms of the publication of results.
The series thus consists of two sub-series that satisfy these requirements: the «Études et Documents» (Studies and Documents) series and the «Références» (References) series. These two series are aimed at general libraries and/or university history departments, teachers and researchers, and in certain cases, specific professional circles.
The «Études et Documents» series consists of monographs, collections of articles, conference proceedings, and collections of texts with notes for teaching purposes.
The «Références» series consists of bibliographies, guides and other tools. It thus contributes to the creation of a database making up a «Permanent catalogue of sources and bibliographies on European construction».