Économie sociale et Économie publique / Social Economy and Public Economy

Économie sociale et Économie publique

ISSN: 2030-3408

This «Social Economy & Public Economy» series brings together books and monographs with a common focus: the analysis of the economic activities of formal and informal organisations that aim to serve the «public/general interest» or broad «common welfare» of their societies. Diverse initiatives and a wide variety of organisational forms are concerned: public or private nonprofit organisations and services, social services, public utilities, regulatory rules and actions, public enterprises, local community and regional economic development bodies, cooperatives, mutualist enterprises, etc. The series aims to promote a more scientific, and in-depth international and comparative understanding of this type of research that has been rapidly expanding in recent years. The series will reflect about these developments and through its dissemination, it will also support the increasing inter-disciplinarity and multi-disciplinarity of much of this recent research (e.g. economics, sociology, political science, law, policy evaluation and policy analysis, etc.)
Editorial responsibility for the series resides with CIRIEC, an international scientific organisation that promotes, supports and disseminates research on the public economy, the social economy, and cooperatives. One of CIRIEC’s key goals and activities is the promotion, support, and expansion of a large international network of researchers who specialise in these issues. This series will allow the publication of work by members of this network as well as providing an outlet for any related research work by other people outside the existing CIRIEC network.