Victorian and Edwardian Studies

ISSN: 1664-2104

The series focuses primarily on subjects, works and authors of Victorian and Edwardian literature in light of an interpretation of the lines of epistemic continuities/discontinuities involved in the historical notion of “the long nineteenth-century” (1789–1914). While promoting new critical perspectives in the field of Victorian textual production (from literature to visual arts, from scientific works to popular press), the series also aims to publish interdisciplinary works which consider the ideological and sociocultural implications of the radical transformation in Victorian society. The publications in the series originate mainly from research work conducted at the CUSVE (Centre for Victorian and Edwardian Studies – University of Pescara, Italy) but the series is open to contributions originating outside the CUSVE. It publishes monographs, collections of essays, conference proceedings and doctoral dissertations. The language of publications is both English and Italian.