Border Studies

ISSN: 2736-2450

The Series « Borders and European Integration » fills in a gap in Social Sciences, as it connects two so far independent research strands: European Studies and Border Studies. Mainly initiated by geographers and originally hosted in the United States, Border Studies primarily deal with the study of borders and borderlands, whereas European Studies analyse the process of European Integration, its actors, institutions and policy fields. Although the idea of a Europe without borders was part of the project of the European Economic Community, the multidimensional role of the border has not been sufficiently taken into account by researchers in European Studies. Inversely, Border Studies have only rarely examined the specificity of borders and borderlands in Europe in comparison to other regions in the world.
At the crossroads between Area Studies and International Relations, this Series therefore offers a pluri-disciplinary approach to borders and their role in the European construction. Taking into account the perspective of different disciplines in Social Sciences, the diversity of actors of European Integration and borderlands (local, regional, national,) it allows a new multi-level and decentred view on conflicts and cooperation at European borders. The Series addresses researchers and university scholars of all disciplines in Social Sciences and wishes to tackle the challenging contemporary questions on borders in Europe.