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The Preamble as Policy

A Guidebook to Governance and Civic Duty

Robert Irons and Jim Twombly

In The Preamble as Policy: A Guidebook to Governance and Civic Duty the authors show that the Preamble to the Constitution is more than an introduction to the document; it sets the tone for the rest of the document and how it should be viewed and interpreted. It is also a list of goals for a new government and a tool for holding our elected representatives accountable for their efforts on our behalf. The Preamble as Policy looks at the history of the development of the Constitution to show how the Preamble can be used to judge the laws and policies enacted by the federal government. The Preamble as Policy weaves political thought, history, and current events together allowing for examination of an oft forgotten part of the Constitution. It provides a unique framework and firm foundation for class discussions or social interactions about what we have achieved as a nation and where we might have come up short.

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Chapter Four Insure Domestic Tranquility


The year 2020 will long be remembered as the year of the Coronavirus, due to the havoc the virus wreaked around the globe. Our planet had not seen a global pandemic in a century, and so by 2020 few who survived the 1918–20 pandemic were still alive. While the global pandemic experts had some idea of what could happen, the rest of us had to learn about it from our chosen sources for news. 2020 was also a presidential election year in the U. S., and the incumbent president, Donald Trump, obfuscated the facts relating to the pandemic and used divisive rhetoric to inflame support among his loyal followers. One main area of contention was the use of surgical masks to protect against spreading the virus. The healthcare scientists all supported the use of masks as a way to protect others, while President Trump made a point of not wearing a mask while campaigning, with few exceptions. The president supported the rights of the individual to reject the mask, rather than support the wearing of the mask for the public good.

Civil unrest was also a hallmark of 2020 when the issue of racism came to a boil, globally but most fiercely in the United States. The shootings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey and Rayshard Brooks, and in ←41 | 42→particular the tortuous death of George Floyd, sparked both small riots and large peaceful protests promoted by such organizations as Black Lives Matter (BLM). The closing of...

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