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Re-Theorizing Discipline in Education

Problems, Politics, and Possibilities


Edited By Zsuzsanna Millei, Tom G. Griffiths and Robert John Parkes

For over a century, teachers, parents, and school leaders have lamented a loss of ‘discipline’ in classrooms. Caught between guidance approaches on the one hand and a call for zero tolerance on the other, current debates rarely venture beyond the terrain of implementation strategies. This book aims to reinvigorate thinking on ‘discipline’ in education by challenging the notions, foundations, and paradigms that underpin its use in policy and practice. It confronts the understanding of ‘discipline’ as purely repressive, and raises the possibility of enabling forms and conceptualizations of ‘discipline’ that challenge tokenistic avenues for students’ liberation and enhance students’ capacity for agency. This book is an essential resource for university lecturers, pre-service and in-service teachers, policymakers, and educational administrators who want to re-think ‘discipline’ in education in ways that move beyond a concern with managing disorder, to generate alternative understandings that can make a difference in students’ lives.


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183Index Index academic achievement and class 62 and ethnicity 62, 67, 72 and gender 62 academic coaching colleges 66, 71 academic discipline 64 academic endeavour disinterested students 64, 69–71 enthusiastic and engaged students 66–7, 70–1 ADHD 163 adolescence 36–7, 39 adolescent consumer culture 121–2 agency and culture 63 and subordination 61 Aikido 82, 83n7, 85–6 Anglo-background students 62, 63–5 antipsychotic drugs 163 Archard, D. 128 asceticism, and self control 60 ‘askesis’ 60 assertive discipline 31 Australian Better Health Initiative 111 authority defiance disorder 163 autism spectrum disorder 163 autonomy 13, 16, 22, 23, 36 Baker, D. P. 152, 156 Bauman, Z. 165, 166, 172 Beck, U. 147, 148 behaviour management 2 behaviour modification prescription drugs 163 behaviourism concept of motivation 29 and objective driven discipline 30–1 Bell, S. H. 32 Bentham’s panopticon 97 Berlin, I. 134–6 Berne, E. 17 Biddle, J. 99 Bildung 77n3 “bio-citizens” 107 biopedagogies 108 biopower 108–10 bipolar disorder 163 body, the disciplining 61, 94 as a sign of individual morality 106 training and disciplining through sport 64 Bojutsu 83n7 Boli, J. 153 Branson, J. 6 Bratz dolls 125, 127 Britzman, D. 127, 128 Buddhism, and martial arts 82 Bullen, E. 121, 125 Bunbu Itchi 82 Burrows, L. 108 Butler, J. 61, 76 Cameron, David 106 Canter, L. 15, 31 Canter, M. 15, 31 capitalism, and liberalism 149–50, 169 Carney, S. 155 Carr, V. 32 Chabbot, C. 152 child development, cognitive theories 122–3...

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