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The Communication of Hate


Michael Waltman and John Haas

The book was awarded the 2011 NCA Franklyn S. Haiman Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Freedom of Expression.
This book sets out to explore how hate comes alive in language and actions by examining the nature and persuasive functions of hate in American society. Hate speech may be used for many purposes and have different intended consequences. It may be directed to intimidate an out-group, or to influence the behavior of in-group members. But how does this language function? What does it accomplish? The answers to these questions are addressed by an examination of the communicative messages produced by those with hateful minds. Beginning with an examination of the organized hate movement, the book provides a critique of racist discourse used to recruit and socialize new members, construct enemies, promote valued identities, and encourage ethnoviolence. The book also examines the strategic manipulation of hatred in our everyday lives by politicians, political operatives, and media personalities. Providing a comprehensive overview of hate speech, the book ends by describing the desirable features of an anti-hate discourse that promotes respect for social differences.


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Appendix B 175


Appendix B Myths Constructed in Hunter Aryan Myths Moral Aryan Myth—See Appendix A Vigilant Aryan Myth—See Appendix A Dispassionate Aryan Myth—See Appendix A Terrorist’s Burden Myth: The Terrorist’s Burden Myth depicts the di- lemma that racially aware Aryans face concerning ethnoviolence: the unavoidable sacrifice of some innocents (racially conscious Aryans) to ultimately save the Aryan race. Female Aryan Ideal Myth: In general, the Female Aryan Ideal Myth per- petuates a gendered narrative of Aryan woman as pure and innocent. Readers learn the Female Aryan Ideal Myth as the main character glori- fies the physical attributes of Aryan women. Women are revered for their ability to produce white children. Thus, Aryan women are key to the sur- vival of the Aryan race. Women are also revered when they support men and avoid Feminist beliefs. Pleasure of Murder Myth: The Pleasure of Murder Myth advanced in Hunter celebrates the delight an Aryan should take in the commission of ethnoviolence. Hunter teaches readers the pride Aryans should take in a job well-done. Thus, Aryan pleasure is realized by committing ethnovio- lence against the enemies of the Aryan race. Independent Aryan Myth: The Independent Aryan Myth teaches readers the ideal stratagem for ethnoviolence: Lone Wolfism. The Independent Aryan Myth blends identity and societal myths to explain, on the one hand, specific characteristics a Lone Wolf should cultivate. Independent Aryans (a) develop a technical background, (b) are educated, (c) trust one’s own conscience, (d) are stealthy, (e) are private, and (f) are...

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