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Judith, Juliana, and Elene

Three Fighting Saints


Marie Nelson

The stories of female heroes of Old English poetry have been more read about than read, but Judith, Juliana, and Elene: Three Fighting Saints now makes the stories of Judith, a female hero of Old Testament times, and Juliana and Helena, who lived in the patristic era, newly accessible. Each new story is accompanied by a facing Old English text and an Afterword that, without over-reliance on critical jargon, gives attention to Marie Nelson's own translation strategies and to her awareness of choices Anglo-Saxon translators made as they re-created the lives of female heroes for readers of their own time.


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JUDITH JUDITH tweode gifena in Oys ginnan grunde. Heo Orer Oa gearwe funde mundbyrd ret Oam mreran peodne, pa heo ahte mreste pearfe, hyldo pres hehstan deman, pret he hie wiO pres hehstan brogan 5 gefriOode, frymaa waldend. Hyre Ores freder on roderum torhtmod tiOe gefremede, pe heo ahte trumne geleafan a to Oam relmihtigan. Gefrregen ic Oa Holofernus winhatan wyrcean georne and eallum wundrum prymlic girwan up swresendo. To Oam het se gumena balder 1 o ealle aa yldestan Oegnas; hie Oret ofstum miclum rrefndon, rondwiggende, comon to Oam rican peodne feran, falces rreswan. !=>ret woos py feorOan dogore pres Oe ludith hyne, gleaw on geOonce, ides relfscinu, rerest gesohte. 15 Hie Oa to Oam symle sittan eodon, wlance to wingedrince, ealle his weagesiOas, bealde byrnwiggende. l=>rer wreron bollan steape boren refter bencum gelome, swylce eac bunan and orcas fulle fletsittendum; hie pret frege pegon, 20 rofe rondwiggende, peah Ores se rica ne wende, egesful eorla dryhten. £>a weara Holofernus, goldwine gumena, on gytesalum, hloh and hlydde, hlynede and dynede, pret mihten fira bearn feorran gehyran 25 hu se stiOmoda styrmde and gylede, modig and medugal, manode geneahhe bencsittende pret hi gebrerdon wei. Swa se inwidda ofer ealne dreg dryhtguman sine drencte mid wine, 30 swiOmod sinces brytta, oOpret hie on swiman lagon, oferdrencte his duguae ealle, swylce hie wreron deaae geslegene, agotene gada gehwylces. Swa het se gumena alder fylgan fletsittendum, oOpret fira bearnum nealrehte niht sea pystre. Het aa niOa geblonden JUDITH Judith prayed to God,...

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