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«Covenant Keeper»

Derrick Bell’s Enduring Education Legacy


Edited By Gloria Ladson-Billings and William Tate

Although he spent his career as a lawyer and law school professor, Derrick Bell had a profound impact on the field of education in the area of educational equity. Among many accomplishments, Bell was the first African American to earn tenure at the Harvard Law School; he also established a new course in civil rights law and produced what has become a famous casebook: Race, Racism, and American Law. The man who could rightly be called, «The Father of Critical Race Theory,» Bell was an innovator who did things with the law that others had not thought possible. This volume highlights Bell’s influence on a number of prominent education and legal scholars by identifying some of his specific work and how they have used it to inform their own thinking and practice. What is contained here is an assemblage of contributors with deep commitments to the path-breaking work of Derrick Bell – a scholar, a teacher, an activist, a mentor, and a covenant keeper.


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abolition, 167–68, 169 academic achievement, 11, 102 academy, 114. See also faculty of color; faculty of color, female access, to public education. See also desegregation; integration vs. outcome, 14 achievement gap, in England, 102 Act 35, 12 activism Bell’s, 134–35, 137 and CRT, 101, 134–35, 138 and “The Rules,” 100–6 affirmative action, 42 anti-affirmative action laws, 50 and intangible factors, 47 used for Whites’ advantage, 8 Ahmed, Sara, 125n8, 126n21 Alexander, Andrew, 97 Altbach, P. G., 114 ambition, ethical, 28, 134 And We Are Not Saved (Bell), 3, 131, 135, 144, 175–76 “The Chronicle of the Sacrificed Black Children,” 4–7 anti-affirmative action laws, 50 anti-Blackness, 9–14, 149, 152. See also racism antiracism, and “The Rules,” 100–6 Antunes, Ana Carolina, 68 Apple, M., 105, 112 Aptheker, Herbert, 167 Artz, Andy, 31 Asian Americans, 60–64 assessment, educational, 101–2 associational rights, 81 authenticity, 95–96, 98 authority confronting, 26, 28 in speaking about race/racism, 92–95 (auto)ethnography Brown’s, 144–52, 156 described, 142 Awkward, Michael, 135, 137 Bakke v. Board of Regents, 48 BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic), 120 198 | index Banks, James, 43 Baszile, D. T., 142 battle fatigue, 115, 124 Bell, Derrick And We Are Not Saved, 3, 131, 135, 144, 175–76 attacks on, 103, 181–82, 184, 186 background, 131 “The Chronicle of the Sacrificed Black Children,” 4–7 Confronting Authority, 26 death, 36 Ethical Ambition, 28 experience with desegregation cases, 13 Faces at the Bottom of...

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