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Educating All

Developing Inclusive School Cultures From Within


Christopher McMaster

This book contributes significantly to the conversation about inclusion as a critical component of school culture. Educating All recounts Christopher McMaster’s experience as a critical ethnographer in a school community, given the task of not only studying the institution’s culture, but of creating change as well. The school used a whole-school framework known as the Index for Inclusion, which addressed students identified as having «special» or learning needs. The outcome of this process was the realization that the faculty and the system were not adequately providing optimum services to «special needs» students. By incorporating the special needs unit into a larger department and by utilizing it as a teaching center rather than a classroom, the staff and school leadership were able to produce a better alignment of value and practice and to provide a re-interpretation of just what is meant by «mainstream».
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On the cover: In Estelí, Nicaragua, murals serve to remind and celebrate rights gained following theSandinista Revolution of 1979, including the right to education. Many of these murals (such as the onedepicted on the cover) are the work of FUNARTE (Foundation Art!) which provides artistic and culturalprograms for children living in poverty. FUNARTE’s goal is to offer educational opportunities to boostyoung people’s self-esteem and engage them in community development. The colorful murals around thecity are the collective work of the many young people and artists involved. For more information on how tosupport this program see and (Photo: C. McMaster)

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