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Hate on the Right

Right-Wing Political Groups and Hate Speech


Michael Waltman

This book examines the ways that hatred comes alive in language and discourse. It asks whether much of the discourse on the political right – that which attacks their enemies – is hate speech. Extending Michael Waltman’s previous work on hate speech, this book examines the discourse and language produced by a variety of right-wing groups and attempts to determine the homology that exists among their discourses. These groups, which include the racist right wing, the political right wing, the Christian right wing, and the paramilitary right wing, are examined respectively through the lenses of the film White Apocalypse, the book Atlas Shrugged, the Left Behind trilogy of movies, and the web pages maintained by the Republic of the United States of America and the National Rifle Association. The author looks at the discourses of hate produced in these seminal texts in order to identify a homology of exclusion that unites the forms of right-wing extremism, giving them a common frame of reference when confronting social and political challenges.
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Chapter 4: The Christian Right and the Left Behind Trilogy


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This chapter examines the contributions of the Christian Right to the right wing in the United States. The Christian Right is not a homogenous group but it is defined by some distinctive characteristics. These distinctive characteristics are discussed by examining: (1) a brief history of the Christian Right that helps to understand their current beliefs and ideological commitments, (2) the cultural issues that the Christian Right have committed to in order to wage a culture war against what they define as a secular and dangerous society, (3) the movement of the Christian Right from religious and spiritual commitments to a commitment to change the secular and what they perceive as a dangerous society from within politics, and (4) a critique of three prominent texts that have shaped the worldview of the Christian Right (a series of three movies based on the Left Behind books of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins).

A Brief History of the Christian Right

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