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Black Feminism in Education

Black Women Speak Back, Up, and Out


Edited By Venus E. Evans-Winters and Bettina L. Love

In Black Feminism in Education: Black Women Speak Back, Up, and Out, authors use an endarkened feminist lens to share the ways in which they have learned to resist, adapt, and re-conceptualize education research, teaching, and learning in ways that serve the individual, community, nation, and all of humanity. Chapters explore and discuss the following question: How is Black feminist thought and/or an endarkened feminist epistemology (EFE) being used in pre-K through higher education contexts and scholarship to marshal new research methodologies, frameworks, and pedagogies? At the intersection of race, class, and gender, the book draws upon alternative research methodologies and pedagogies that are possibly transformative and healing for all involved in the research, teaching, and service experience. The volume is useful for those interested in women and gender studies, research methods, and cultural studies.
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Black feminism in education: Black women speak back, up, and out /edited by Venus E. Evans-Winters, Bettina L. Love.pages cm. — (Black studies and critical thinking; v. 69)Includes bibliographical references and index.1. African American women teachers. 2. African American women scholars.3. Feminism and education. 4. Educational sociology.5. Education—Research. I. Evans-Winters, Venus E.LC2781.B4618 378.1’982996073—dc23 2014040321ISBN 978-1-4331-2605-5 (hardcover)ISBN 978-1-4331-2604-8 (paperback)ISBN 978-1-4539-1462-5 (e-book)ISSN 1947-5985

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