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Feminism, Writing and the Media in Spain

Ana María Matute, Rosa Montero and Lucía Etxebarria


Mazal Oaknín

This book explores the different treatment of writing by women and
writing by men in twenty-first-century Spain. Focusing on contemporary
Spanish authors Ana María Matute (1926–2014), Rosa Montero (1952–),
and Lucía Etxebarria (1966–), the author examines how Spanish women
writers are marketed in Spain and, in particular, how current marketing
strategies reinforce traditional structures of femininity.

Through an analysis of their work and lives in the context of the Franco
Regime, the Transition to democracy and contemporary Spain, this book
provides an innovative study of the construction of the public personae
of these key female writers. As social media and the internet transform
authors’ relationship with their readers, the rapidly shifting publishing
industry offers an important context for the difficult balance between
high levels of reception and visibility and the persistence of traditional
gender stereotypes.

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About the author

About the author

Mazal Oaknín completed her MA and PhD in Hispanic Studies at University College London, where she has been teaching Hispanic language and literature since 2009. She previously taught Spanish in Malaga, New York, Paris and Birmingham. She co-edited the volume Literatura política y política literaria en España: Del Desastre del 98 a Felipe VI with Guillermo Laín Corona (Peter Lang, 2015) and her work has appeared in journals such as Espéculo, Fahrenheit 452, Alba Magazine and Argus. Her research focuses on four main areas: contemporary Spanish literature, gender and identity, fiction in the digital age and representations of minorities.