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Developing Intra-regional Exchanges through the Abolition of Commercial and Tariff Barriers / L’abolition des barrières commerciales et tarifaires dans la région de l’Océan indien

Myth or Reality? / Mythe ou réalité ?


Edited By Stéphanie Rohlfing-Dijoux

This book is related to the development of intraregional commercial exchanges in the region of the Indian Ocean. This issue is addressed from an economic as well as from a legal point of view. The contributions, in English and French, aim to present an overview of the economic, customs-related, technical, legal and cultural restraints that hinder the creation of a free trading area.

Cet ouvrage est consacré au développement des échanges commerciaux intrarégionaux dans la région de l’Océan Indien. Cette question est examinée sous un angle politique, économique et juridique. Les différentes contributions, en anglais et en français, visent à établir un état des lieux des freins économiques, douaniers, techniques, juridiques et culturels à la création d’un espace de libre échange.

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Illegal International Trade: Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (Thomas Le Tallec)


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Illegal International Trade: Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna

Thomas Le TALLEC

The subject of this article is illegal international trade. In the introduction, I will briefly explain the importance of international law nowadays and I will continue by going deeper into the subject of illegal international trade. In this chapter, I will first of all show how diversified illegal international trade is, in fact, I will give some explanation about illegal arms trafficking, drugs trafficking and also human trafficking. Then comes the main part of the article, which is the illegal international trade of endangered flora and fauna species. After having highlighted the critical situation of our environment and of our biodiversity, I will explain the different methods which are used to fight against this traffic. For instance, the CITES (Convention of Washington) and the WWF respectively a convention and a major organisation which are fighting for the preservation of our environment. Finally, I will conclude this article by explaining how important it is to improve the law and more especially the penalties against the smugglers. However, the law and the penalties are not the only solutions, it is also of a significant importance to help the developing countries in their development, by improving education, by creating new employments and by informing the local population better about the irreversible consequences of this illegal trade.


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