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A Dream Deferred

New Studies in Russian and Soviet Labour History


Edited By Donald Filtzer, Wendy Z. Goldman, Gijs Kessler and Simon Pirani

This volume brings together the latest work in Russian labour history, based on exciting materials from previously closed archives and collections. Sixteen essays, focusing on peasants and workers, explore the lives and struggles of working people. Ranging over a century of dramatic upheaval, from the late 1800s to the present, the essays are organized around three broad themes: workers’ politics, incentives and coercion within industrial and rural workplaces, and household strategies. The volume explores the relationship between the peasantry and the working class, a nexus that has been central to state policy, oppositional politics, economic development, and household configuration. It profiles a working class rent by divisions and defined not only by its relationship to the workplace or the state, but also by its household strategies for daily survival. The essays explore many topics accessible for the first time, including the motivations of women workers, roots of revolutionary activism, the revolutionary movement outside the great cities, socialist opposition to the Soviet regime, reactions of workers to Stalinist terror, socialist tourism, peasant families in forced exile, and work discipline on the collective farms.


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Subject Index Electric Power station, Moscow A Abkhaziia (Soviet cruise ship) , , , , , , , Absenteeism see Labour discipline Adzhariia (Soviet cruise ship) Alapaevskii (Alapaevsk) iron and steel works, Alapaevsk, Urals Alcoholic beverages factory, Moscow All-Russian Aid Committee (Pomgol) All-Russian Conference of Tailors () All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions (KIsHEH) , , , , 6BD motor vehicle works, Moscow , Anarchists , Anti-Semitism - “Anti-Soviet Trotskyist Center” – target of second Moscow show trial () 6DBH f ire extinguisher factory, Moscow Armeniia (Soviet cruise ship) Artificial limb factory, Moscow Artisans – in pre-revolutionary garment indus- try , - Azerbaijan Party Control Commission , , -, - B Bakinskii rabochii (Azerbaijan Commu- nist Party newspaper) , “Baku Affair” , - Bezprizorniki (homeless children, or- phans) Black Hundreds Bolshevik (Communist Party journal) , , fn. , - & fn. , , , Bolshevik factory, Moscow “Bolshevik Leninists” see Trotskyist Opposition Bolsheviks see Communist Party of the Soviet Union Bread shortages Bureaucracy C Central Administration for Economic Accounting see Central Statistical Administration 69G:6B9:;:GG:9 Central Control Commission (888) of the Communist Party – and “Baku Affair” , - pas- sim – role in defining nature of internal dissent , Central Statistical Administration (IsHJ) , , , – household budget surveys , & fn. , , -, , Cheka (secret police, forerunner of C9:M s PROSECUTIONSFORVIOLATING law on labour-day minimum , , – labour discipline on , -, - s VIOLATIONSOFLAWSREGULATING labour-day minimum – Machine-tractor stations (MTS) , – Module Statutes of - fn. , -, , , s USEOFBYDISTRICTAUTHORITIESTO remove chairmen – peasant resentment of Collectivization , , , – see also Kulaks Comintern (Communist International) , , Comradely courts - Communist Party of the Soviet Union – and formation of new elite -, – and Kirov murder - passim, - s INVESTIGATIONOFWIDENEDBY Ezhov - – asserts control...

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