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Senses of Embodiment: Art, Technics, Media


Mika Elo and Miika Luoto

This volume is a collection of essays that presents both theory- and practice-based approaches to questions concerning the embodiment of sense.
Exploring the opening of meaning in sensible configurations, the texts also address the medial structures – at once aesthetic, bodily and technical – that condition our access to whatever makes sense to us.
The texts show in various ways how these phenomena call for trans-disciplinary research, and how theoretical or philosophical questioning gains from the experimental possibilities of artistic research.


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Table of Contents


Introduction: In M edias Res A cknow ledgem ents ESA KIRKKOPELTO The Touch o f M im esis LAURA BELOFF From E lephans Photographicus to the H ybronaut: A n A rtistic A pproach to H um an E nhancem ent KORAY TAHIROGLU & JAMES NESFIELD A n E m bodied A pproach to C ollaborative M usic Practice ALEX ARTEAGA Sensuous K now ledge: M aking Sense T hrough the S kin CECILIA ROOS Reflections on W ords and T houghts in M otion A n n a p e t r o n e l l a f o u l t ie r The D ancing B ody and C reative Expression: Reflections B ased on M erleau -P on ty ’s Phenom enology TUOMO RAINIO P resented Im ages: O n Photographs and T heir Various B odies MIKA ELO T heses, N otes, and Im ages: O n the P hotographic C onditions o f E m bodim ent MlIKA LUOTO B eing, V ision, Im age: O n M erleau -P on ty ’s Eye and M in d C ontributors B ibliography 7 21 23 51 69 85 97 103 113 131 151 169 173

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