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Trends in Phonetics and Phonology

Studies from German-speaking Europe

Edited By Adrian Leemann, Marie-José Kolly, Stephan Schmid and Volker Dellwo

This volume was inspired by the 9th edition of the Phonetik & Phonologie conference, held in Zurich in October 2013. It includes state of the art research on phonetics and phonology in various languages and from interdisciplinary contributors. The volume is structured into the following eight sections: segmentals, suprasegmentals, articulation in spoken and sign language, perception, phonology, crowdsourcing phonetic data, second language speech, and arts (with inevitable overlap between these areas).
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What generates Location? Study on the arm and forearm of lexical items in the Brazilian Sign Language



This study aims to describe the arm and forearm positions of the dominant hand in the execution of Location in given signs. Location is a sub-bundle of a lexical item in sign languages and has several passive articulators. Being predominantly performed by the dominant hand, Location always occurs on the body, in the passive hand or in the signing space. The phonetic analysis proposed here was accomplished through the anthropometric analysis of thirty-two signs of the Brazilian Sign Language, named Libras. These signs were selected from a Libras dictionary and each one represents, within its part without movement (Hold), one of the Locations described by linguistic studies in literature on Libras. The instant of part without movement (Hold) was measured by a professional specialist through the use of a goniometer, a widely used tool to measure angles in anthropometric studies. From the obtained results, we proposed a schematic model of phonetic analysis based on articulatory gestures achieved by the arm and forearm to perform Location.


Location, arm, forearm, Brazilian Sign Language (Libras)

*   Corresponding author:, Tel: +55 11 989051022

a   Department of Linguistics, University of São Paulo, Prof. Luciano Gualberto Street 403, 05508-900 São Paulo, SP, Brazil ← 181 | 182 →

1.0   Introduction

The Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) is a natural language used by the Brazilian deaf community; and as such, it expresses all the levels of linguistic analysis. The lexical...

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