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Secretos y verdades en los textos de Clara Janés- Secrets and truths in the texts of Clara Janés


Edited By Nadia Mékouar-Hertzberg

Este conjunto de artículos se centra en los textos de la autora española Clara Janés. Es fruto de un encuentro entre investigadores europeos y norte-americanos, especialistas de su extensa obra. El eje escogido es el de la dialéctica entre verdades y secretos que impregna más o menos abiertamente ciertas creaciones. En estas creaciones, el secreto no consiste en un elemento escondido, disimulado que se trataría de compartir o de desvelar, sino en un sustrato, un mecanismo «bífido» que conserva lo que, en un mismo movimiento revela y significa. El secreto se convierte en una dimensión que el texto formula como tal, manteniendo intactas sus potencialidades reveladoras como otras tantas promesas de verdades nunca definitivas.
Siguiendo estos planteamientos, ahondándolos y matizándolos, los artículos exploran la obra de Clara Janés en su variedad y complejidad. El conjunto cuenta con dos textos teóricos y poéticos de la propia autora que abren unas perspectivas imprescindibles, luminosas y emocionantes no sólo sobre la dialéctica verdades/secretos sino también sobre los profundos resortes de la creación.
This volume focuses on the texts of the Spanish author Clara Janés. The collection grows out of a meeting between European and North American researchers, all of them specialists in Janés’s extensive work. The unifying theme of this book is the dialectic between truths and secrets that permeates this author’s work. In her numerous publications, secrets are not an element that the author tries to share, but a «bifid» mechanism that reveals true meaning. The secret becomes a textual dimension, and it keeps intact both its revealing potential as well as other promises of indefinite truths.
Following these approaches, the articles explore the works of Clara Janés in their variety and complexity. In addition, the collection has two theoretical and poetic texts by Clara Janés. These texts are indispensable to open exciting perspectives not only on the dialectic about truths and secrets but also on Janés’s creative depth.
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Differential Texts: Materiality, Mediation, and Contact in the Works of Clara Janés

Readers of Clara Janés’ numerous poetic texts readily recognize the themes of existentialism, love, and nature that so often characterize her work, but in her 2004 Vilanos (E-mails), these familiar themes seem to share the stage with the digital. The title’s parentheses visually create a thematic and formal screen through which Janés invites the collection’s reading. As the appositive title suggests, electronic mail mediates this collection of fifty untitled short poems. Here, Janés likens e-mails – seemingly insubstantial and ephemeral, a series of binary signals – and with them her poems, to the delicate vilanos – winged seeds of alpine flowers, carried by “the air” to myriad and potentially elusive recipients. In this use of nature (vilanos) in apposition to culture (e-mails), Janés queries notions of communication and medium in the electronic age. In Vilanos (E-mails), the poetic voice seems to criticize contemporary culture’s e-practices – the emptying of language’s referential function, the hollowing out of language’s poetic function, and the overloading of language’s phatic function – while simultaneously recognizing, even embracing, the generative potential of writing mediated by technology.

While the outward markers of electronic mail’s “From,” “To,” and “Subject,” lines are absent from Janés’ poems, they are suggested in the first-person, poetic voice, the addresser (yo), and its second- person addressee (tú). The subject may be love, but in this electronic context, the reader’s attention...

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