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Leningrad Poetry 1953–1975

The Thaw Generation


Emily Lygo

This is the first book-length study of the outstanding generation of Leningrad poets whose careers began during the Khrushchev Thaw. The text brings together memoirs, interviews, and archival research to construct an account of the world of poetry in Leningrad, in which many now-famous figures began writing. The author describes the institutions, official events, unofficial groups, and informal activities that were attended by many young poets, including the pre-eminent poet of this generation, Iosif Brodsky. Alongside a detailed study of Brodsky’s work from the early 1970s are close readings of two other major poets from this generation whose work has often been overlooked, Viktor Sosnora and Dmitry Bobyshev.


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Appendix 3 Statistics Concerning the Admission of Poets to the Leningrad Writers’ Union 1953–1975 331


Appendix 3 Statistics Concerning the Admission of Poets to the Leningrad Writers’ Union 1953–1975 Year Names Recommended by Admissions Committee Names Accepted, (dates of birth, where known, given in parentheses) Names who failed to secure recommendation (r) or acceptance (a) Total no. of new poets accepted (excluding rehabilitated members) 1953 Novoselov, Dem'yanov (k), Kutov (1907), Vikulov Kutov (k), Vikulov (k) 2 1954 Bukin (r) 0 1955 0 1956 Sazonov (1912), Gneushev (1927), Toropygin (1928), Kuznetsov (1932), Polyakova*, Shestinsky, Alekseev (1925), Davydov (k) Stekol'nikov, Merzon (k), Kuznetsov, Alekseev (1925), Gneushev (1929), Dem'yanov (k), Gleizarov (k), Fogel'son (k), Kutov (k), Oifa (k), Vikulov (k) 4, plus 7 kandidaty 1957 N. M. Oleinikov (posthumous), B. K. Lifshits (posthumous), B. Kornilov (posthumous), Davydov (k) Raevsky(r) V. Maksimov (r) 1 1958 Nekrasov, Gnedich (translator). Gnedich (translator, rehabilitated) 0 332 Appendix 3 1959 Shoshin, Mochalov (1928), Kleshchenko (1921), Infant'ev (1921) Kleshchenko (1921), Infant'ev (1921), Mochalov (1928) Mikhailov (r), Al'tovskaya (r), Chistyakov (r), Kobrakov (r) 3 1960 NO INFORMATION Akvilev (1923), Davydov, Mikhailov (1913), Poperechny (1934) Shushin (1930) 5 1961 NO INFORMATION Kobrakov (1921), Kuklin (1931) Shestalov (1937) (a) 2 1962 NO INFORMATION Gavrilov (1931), Shestalov (1937, n.b. Mansi poet) 2 1963 NO INFORMATION Gorbovsky (1931), Grigor'ev (1923), Sosnora (1936), Dubrovina (1923), Yakorskaya (1925), Novoselov (1921) 6 1964 NO INFORMATION Nikitina (1929), Druskin (1921), Sokolov (1908) 3 1965 NO INFORMATION Ageev, Kushner (1936), Bitov (prose writer) 2 1966 NO INFORMATION Bernovich, Koroleva (1933), Krasnov (1932) 3 1967 NO INFORMATION No poets. Prose writers Maya Danini...

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